Blog Posts in April, 2015

Electrical Wiring Types

There are many types of wiring in your home. Getting to know how each type functions will help you to make an informed diagnosis if one of your wall outlets stops working, if your washing machine ...
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Tips for Conserving Electricity at Home

With the real estate market recovering from recession and the cost of utilities rising, homeowners are often looking for ways to make their monthly payments more manageable and affordable. From being ...
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What Is a Diagnostic Checklist?

A diagnostic checklist is a worksheet that outlines routine maintenance services or items that will need to be serviced in your home. The checklist is usually formatted as a spreadsheet, with multiple ...
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Should You Purchase a Generator?

To many residents of Columbus and the surrounding areas, a residential electrical backup generator might seem like a luxury item. These days, however, people rely on electronic devices more than ever ...
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