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Surviving a Power Outage When You Have Medical Issues

Power outages can happen at any time, so having an action plan in place can be important for your health. This fact is especially true if you are an older adult or have a health condition that ...
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The Do's and Don'ts of Home Security Lighting

Investing in security lighting can help dissuade burglars, alert you to movement around your home, and help prevent slips and falls by making it easier for people to see where they step. If ...
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Shining a Light on the Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Your home’s lighting sets the mood for your entire interior design. When you work with a team of electrical contractors to install new lighting throughout your home, you may want to consider ...
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Easy Home Improvements Your Electrician Can Help You Make

If you’re not sure if you can take on a project involving electrical wiring serving Dublin on your own, you can always rely on your professional electrical contractors for help. There are quite ...
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A Guide to Electrical Safety for Hot Tubs

When you are considering a new hot tub installation for your home, you should make sure to hire a licensed electrician to assist you with your installation. Your electrician will know how to safely ...
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Answering Your Questions About Whole Home Generators

If you want to make sure that your home is protected against the dangers of power outages this summer, it may be a good idea to start shopping for home generators. A whole house generator will keep ...
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How You Can Benefit from an Electrical System Upgrade

Electrical wiring systems have undergone many different innovations in the past decades. When you hire an electrician to perform electrical work in Columbus, you may want to ask him or her about ...
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How Blue LEDs Have Impacted the World

A few decades ago, professional electrical contractors serving Columbus weren’t using LED lights in the same way that they are today for electrical service. Task, atmospheric, and security ...
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The Importance of Direct Bonding

In many cases, direct bonding isn’t just important, it’s necessary; if you have standard corrugated stainless steel tubing for your gas piping system, you’ll need to use direct ...
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What to Expect from a Diagnostic Evaluation

At Converse Electric, we are thrilled to provide our customer with top quality electrical work in Dublin. When you hire an electrician that works for our company, we will be able to complete a ...
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Types of Electrical Wiring at Home

Your home electrical wiring provides power to all of your electrical outlets and appliances. In this video, you will learn all about the different types of electrical wiring that can be found in the ...
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A Look at Different Types of Generators

Recognizing that you need a home generator is a great first step, but deciding on the exact type might take a little bit of work. The wrong generator might generate too much or too little energy, ...
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The Science Behind Electrical Circuits

We use electrical circuits every day of our lives. Without them, we could not operate most of the machines—microwave ovens, computers, electric lamps—that we rely on for the most basic ...
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The Converse Electric Client for Life Club

There is no room to take chances when it comes to home electrical wiring serving Dublin, which is why you need to rely on the help of a professional electrician. The team at Converse Electric wants to ...
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Working on Your Air Conditioner

Homeowners whose air conditioner repeatedly trips their circuit breaker may need electrical work in Dublin. In many cases, this problem occurs when the air conditioner pulls more amps than the breaker ...
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Reasons to Choose Converse Electric

When it comes to electrical contractors serving Columbus, it is essential that you know what to look for. While you may be aware that you should seek a licensed electrician, there are a few other ...
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What Causes Circuit Breakers to Trip?

Your home’s electrical panel contains a handful of circuit breakers that are connected directly to the electrical outlets in different parts of your house. Occasionally, one of these circuit ...
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Signs Your Wiring Is Outdated

The electrical wiring in your home is not going to last you forever. Over time, the electrical connections located within your home will weaken and the wiring itself will begin to fray and crack, ...
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Tips for Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Regardless of the industry in which you work, you will need to understand your needs for commercial electric services near Columbus in order to keep your business up and running. You must provide your ...
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Tips for Choosing an Electrician

When you discover that you need to hire an electrician to do work inside your home, you may be confused about which one to pick. Trusting someone to complete electrical repair near Columbus can be ...
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Is Your Home Ready for an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

If you live in a home that includes older wiring, it might be time for you to call an electrician and ask for an upgrade. Having electrical work in Columbus done today can prevent you from running ...
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Factors to Consider When Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Your home is your sanctuary—a place where you should feel most comfortable being in. To keep that space viable for years to come, you have to implement a routine maintenance schedule and commit ...
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Troubleshooting Home Electrical Problems

If you experience a power supply issue in your home, you should perform a bit of troubleshooting to determine the extent of the electrical issue. Most troubleshooting can be performed with a voltage ...
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A Homeowner's Guide to Hiring an Electrician

There's nothing wrong with having a do-it-yourself attitude, except when it comes to electrical work around your home. Working with electrical circuits can be dangerous. In addition to the risk of ...
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