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The Do's and Don'ts of Home Security Lighting

Investing in security lighting can help dissuade burglars, alert you to movement around your home, and help prevent slips and falls by making it easier for people to see where they step. If ...
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Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home Office

In today’s working world, many employees are choosing to work from home. If you are creating a new home office, you should carefully consider your lighting design options. An electrician that ...
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3 Indications That You Need an Emergency Electrician

An electrical emergency can be a dangerous situation for any household. From faulty wiring to broken electrical boxes, there are many different emergency scenarios that can arise in your household. If ...
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What Kind of Maintenance Do Generators Require?

A whole home generator is a terrific addition to your household’s electrical system. If you are considering a generator installation for your property, you may have questions about the typical ...
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Gearing Up for Summer Storms with a Whole Home Generator

If you have experienced a weather-related power outage during the summer season, you are probably well aware of the inconvenience and discomfort that is associated with losing power for hours or even ...
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Shocking Facts About Electricity and Safety

Electrical injuries send thousands of people to the emergency room every year. When you watch this video, you will learn some shocking facts about electricity and safety, as well as how to prevent ...
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Answering Your Questions About Whole Home Generators

If you want to make sure that your home is protected against the dangers of power outages this summer, it may be a good idea to start shopping for home generators. A whole house generator will keep ...
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The Role of Circuit Breakers and GFCIs

In order to protect your electrical wiring from becoming overloaded, your home’s electrical system is equipped with circuit breakers and GFCIs. When you watch this video, you will learn about ...
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Home Electrical Upgrades That Can Offer Better Convenience

If you are happy with your electrical work in Columbus, you might not be thinking about the kinds of changes you could make. However, your electrician may be able to make you even happier with your ...
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Where to Place Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

Having adequate lighting outside of your home can help keep your family and property safe, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy once the sun goes down. Are you thinking about ...
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Choosing Between a Natural Gas or Propane Generator

If you are preparing your home for the winter season, you may want to talk to your electrician about the benefits of installing a whole house generator. Home generators can be used to power your home ...
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Testing Your Circuit Breakers

If you’re having trouble with certain appliances in your home, it could be a faulty electrical outlet in Columbus or it could be a problem with your circuit breaker. Your electrical box is ...
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Setting the Mood Inside Your Home

Security lighting is great for keeping your home and family protected, and task lighting can help you focus on the task at hand, but what can you do about ambience? With the help of your electrical ...
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Summer Heat and Your Home's Electrical System

When the temperature starts to soar during the long summer months, many homeowners find themselves running their air conditioners constantly. Not only can this be expensive, but it can also put a ...
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The Science Behind Electrical Circuits

We use electrical circuits every day of our lives. Without them, we could not operate most of the machines—microwave ovens, computers, electric lamps—that we rely on for the most basic ...
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The Converse Electric Client for Life Club

There is no room to take chances when it comes to home electrical wiring serving Dublin, which is why you need to rely on the help of a professional electrician. The team at Converse Electric wants to ...
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The Importance of Grounded Outlets

New homes tend to feature a different kind of electrical outlet in Columbus: one that is grounded and able to accept three prongs. Grounded outlets can help to make your home electrical wiring safer ...
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Reasons to Choose Converse Electric

When it comes to electrical contractors serving Columbus, it is essential that you know what to look for. While you may be aware that you should seek a licensed electrician, there are a few other ...
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How to Hire an Electrician

When you hire a contractor, you’ll want to ensure that you find the best one for your needs. Poor electrical work can cause a plethora of problems in the future, but the right electrician will ...
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What Causes Circuit Breakers to Trip?

Your home’s electrical panel contains a handful of circuit breakers that are connected directly to the electrical outlets in different parts of your house. Occasionally, one of these circuit ...
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Does Your Home Have Electrical Problems?

Electrical issues can cause major damage to your home. Fortunately, your residential electrician near Columbus can solve these issues before they become serious problems. Read on to learn about a few ...
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What Are the Most Common Electrical Emergencies?

Regardless of how careful you are when it comes to the electrical outlets in your home or business, there are certain electrical emergencies that can still affect you. When they do, you should call an ...
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Spotlight on Home Generators

Having your electrical services interrupted for any period of time can be utterly annoying. An emergency electrician serving Columbus can resolve many of your electrical issues. However, if your loss ...
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