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Is Your Home Generator Ready for Winter Storms?

If you already own a whole home generator in Columbus, then you may feel equipped to weather any storms that may come your way this winter. Having a generator is an excellent way to prepare for ...
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Troubleshooting Common Generator Issues

During a storm or power outage, home generators provide electricity on demand. If your home is equipped with a whole house generator, you will want to make sure that it is ready to kick into gear ...
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How Do Electricians Install Whole House Generators?

If you want to protect your home from unexpected power outages, consider installing a whole house generator. In this video from This Old House, you will learn about how electricians install home ...
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What to Consider When Selecting a Whole Home Generator

Rather than waiting for the next electrical outage to affect your area, you may want to prepare for the unexpected by investing in a whole house generator. When you purchase a whole home generator ...
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Home Electrical Upgrades That Can Offer Better Convenience

If you are happy with your electrical work in Columbus, you might not be thinking about the kinds of changes you could make. However, your electrician may be able to make you even happier with your ...
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Where to Place Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

Having adequate lighting outside of your home can help keep your family and property safe, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy once the sun goes down. Are you thinking about ...
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Choosing Between a Natural Gas or Propane Generator

If you are preparing your home for the winter season, you may want to talk to your electrician about the benefits of installing a whole house generator. Home generators can be used to power your home ...
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What Size Generator Do You Need?

When you suffer a power outage due to warm weather, a summertime storm, or any other event that compromises your electricity, make sure you’re prepared with whole home generators in Dublin. ...
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Resetting a Tripped Breaker

A tripped electrical breaker can come as a surprise, but it might not indicate a serious problem with your home electrical wiring. Your breaker protects overloaded electrical outlets from causing ...
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The Importance of Grounded Outlets

New homes tend to feature a different kind of electrical outlet in Columbus: one that is grounded and able to accept three prongs. Grounded outlets can help to make your home electrical wiring safer ...
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Features to Look for in a Generator

Whole home generators can keep your house safe and functional when the power goes out. If you’re dealing with electric repair in Columbus, you may be wondering what features to look for in a new ...
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How to Hire an Electrician

When you hire a contractor, you’ll want to ensure that you find the best one for your needs. Poor electrical work can cause a plethora of problems in the future, but the right electrician will ...
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Bringing Your Home Up to Code

Whenever you have electrical contractors come to your home to do electrical work, it’s important for them to make sure everything is up to code. Watch this video to see why you must follow the ...
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Home Electrical Tips

From dealing with an electrical outlet that is loose to replacing an old electrical panel, homeowners need to maintain their electrical system at all times to keep it running smoothly. Watch this ...
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The Benefits of Home Generators

When a power outage leaves you in the dark, you will be happy if you had your residential electrician near Columbus install a generator. Available in both portable and stationary options, whole home ...
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Choosing a Generator for the Winter Months

Getting through the winter months without power can be tough, but a whole home generator in Columbus can help you make it through the season safely and comfortably. There are various kinds of home ...
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Preparing Your Electrical System for the Holidays

Winter is just around the corner, and that means the holidays will be here before you know it. Although it’s important that you start thinking about the gifts you’ll buy for your loved ...
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Examining the Benefits of Whole House Surge Protectors

A power surge happens faster than the time it takes to blink your eyes, but in that millisecond the spike in electricity can have big consequences. The Insurance Information Institute puts insurance ...
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Spotlight on Home Improvement Projects

One of the simplest ways to improve the quality of your home is to contact a professional electrician and inquire about home electrical services. Converse Electric offers a variety of residential ...
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Preparing Your Home's Electrical System for the Winter

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and winter is inching closer and closer towards you. There is some electrical maintenance near Columbus that you should complete in order ...
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Spotlight on Home Generators

Having your electrical services interrupted for any period of time can be utterly annoying. An emergency electrician serving Columbus can resolve many of your electrical issues. However, if your loss ...
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