• Understanding Electrical Wiring Codes

    Electrical wiring codes are designed to make sure there is consistent and safe power throughout a home. Any time new construction or renovations that involve changes to the home’s electrical system are planned, the municipality will need to sign off on the electrical wiring to make sure it is up to code. Watch this short clip to learn more about these codes and the importance of hiring a licensed electrical contractor for your residential wiring projects.

    Make sure your home is up to code by contacting a residential electrical contractor in Columbus for all your home electrical installation, service, and repair needs. Contacting an electrician will also save you the time and money of having to redo all the work you did on your own because the wiring wasn’t up to code. Even simple wiring jobs can quickly become complex, not to mention dangerous, so leave the task in the hands of a skilled residential electrician.

  • how do residential electrical systems work

    We are all fortunate to live in a country where a vast majority of people have access to electrical power. The very fact that most people can’t imagine life without electricity is a testament to how common this power source has become in America. And yet despite the fact that nearly everyone has electricity at home, only a very few number of people actually know how residential electrical systems work. That’s why we wrote this article to help you understand the wires, breakers, outlets, and circuits that make up your home’s electrical system. As a word of caution, just because you know how electrical systems work doesn’t mean you should work on them. Be sure to contact a residential electrician in Columbus for all your home electrical needs.

    residential electrician in Columbus

    Electrical Service

    The electrical system starts with the electrical service, or the actual electricity supplied to your home. The electrical service must be sized to accommodate your lifestyle and the size of your home. Most residential electrical services are between 100 and 200 amps, though 400 amps is common for very large homes. Only a licensed electrical contractor can install the electrical service to your home.

    Electric Panel Board

    The electrical lines are run from the street to the meter box outside your home and then directly into the electric panel board. Also known as the electrical panel or breaker box, this board has breakers that control the electricity in each room. The electrical panel is a very important safety feature. Individual circuits shutdown automatically when they overheat or surge and “trip” the breaker in the box, which prevents dangerous electrical fires and other electrical emergencies.

    Standalone Electrical Circuit

    If you have new appliances or high-powered electronics, your electrician may recommend having a standalone electrical circuit installed to handle the excess power load. A separate circuit with its own service panel is ideal for air conditioners, electric kitchen ranges, commercial-quality appliances, home theater systems, and other high-powered electronics and appliances. Contact your Columbus electrician about installing a separate electrical circuit.

  • Examining the Benefits of Landscape Lighting

    There are plenty of objects and features that take center stage when it comes to outdoor design, but landscape lighting adds both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home. Landscape lighting fixtures come in many different sizes and perform a wide variety of different lighting tasks. In this article we’ll explore some of the top advantages of landscape lighting for your home. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor lighting, contact a residential electrician in Columbus to wire your landscape lighting system.

    residential electrician Columbus Increase Outdoor Functionality
    Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting allows you to use your outdoor living space long after the sun sets. Flood lights can be used to brighten a patio area or a portion of your yard for games and other activities. Deck post lights and umbrella lighting can provide more intimate lighting for late-night dining or conversations.

    Enhance Visual Appeal
    As important as the functionality of your outdoor space is the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. When positioned properly, landscape lighting can enhance architectural features around your home and illuminate beautiful plants and trees. Outdoor lighting can also add a sense of drama to your landscaping, which can make your home stand out and boost its curb appeal.

    Boosts Home Security
    Another important benefit of landscape lighting is that it improves your home’s security and makes it less of a target for crimes like vandalism or burglary. Motion-activated flood lights will make it difficult for criminals to approach your home unnoticed. When choosing where to place landscape lighting for security, consider illuminating the darkest areas of your yard and unsecured entry points, such as garage doors and windows. An electrical contractor in Columbus can help wire your outdoor lights for maximum illumination and security.