• House Surge Protection 101

    If you have a large number of expensive appliances and electronics located inside of your home, you should consider having a licensed electrician install a whole house surge protection system for you. Watch this video to see how electrical contractors near Columbus can help keep your prized possessions safe with these systems.

    A large electrical surge can do a lot of damage to your appliances and electronics if they aren’t plugged into surge protectors. Additionally, there are some surge protectors that are better than others, so even if you have them hooked up, your surge protectors might not be able to prevent damage to all of your appliances and electronics. By asking an electrician to install a surge protection system on the outside of your home, you can stop surges from entering your house in the first place and avoid having to make a costly electrical repair in the future.

  • What Are the Most Common Electrical Emergencies?

    Regardless of how careful you are when it comes to the electrical outlets in your home or business, there are certain electrical emergencies that can still affect you. When they do, you should call an electrician right away to get them fixed so that small problems don’t turn into electrical nightmares. Converse Electric can send an emergency electrician in Columbus to you at any time of the day or night.

    There are quite a few electrical emergencies that can affect home and business owners. For example, electrical sparks may fly out of an electrical outlet as a result of bad wiring. Or a power outage may take place in your home or business that is not tied to any power outages in your local area. If either of these things occur in your home, you will need the help of an electrician immediately. You should call to have your electrical wiring inspected to rule out anything that could result in a fire. When you call on Converse Electric to help, we will send an emergency electrician to your home as quickly as we can to deal with your situation. electrical emergency

  • Tips for Conserving Energy During the Holidays

    Money is a gift that anyone would like to receive this holiday season, and it’s one you can give easily give yourself. Between all the lights around your home and the number of guests you’ll be entertaining over the holidays, electric bills can easily get out of hand this time of the year. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to conserve energy, lower your electric bill, and put that extra cash in your pocket. These tips, along with the guidance of your residential electrical contractor in Columbus , can help lower your holiday electric bills. conserving energy

    Replace Incandescent Holiday Lights with LEDs

    If you’ve been using the same string of holiday lights for years, it’s time you consider replacing your old incandescent holiday lights with energy-efficient LEDs . It takes the same amount of power to operate just one seven-watt incandescent bulb as it does to power two 24-foot LED strings, or enough to light a six-foot tree.

    Hook Lights Up to a Timer

    It’s a good idea to hook your holiday lights up to automatic timers so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to unplug anything before you go to bed. Burning lights all night long can quickly add up, so set timers to make sure you don’t rack up any additional energy costs over the holidays.

    Ask Your Guests to be Electrically Conscious

    When guests arrive to your home, whether it’s for the evening or for an extended stay over the holidays, remind them to turn off lights and fans when they leave a room. Running a single ceiling fan and keeping one light on can add more than $7 to your electric bill.

    Don’t Ignore Electrical Problems

    If you’re experiencing any noticeable signs of electrical trouble over the holidays, contact a residential electrician serving Columbus to figure out what’s going on. In some cases, the electrical issue may place additional strain on your home’s electrical system, which can result in higher-than-usual electric bills.

  • Resetting a GFCI Outlet

    A GFCI outlets is a very important piece of electrical safety equipment, which is why modern electrical codes require the installation of GFCI outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else near water. In some cases GFCI outlets can trip without any major preceding event, and it may be necessary for you to reset the outlet in order to restore power to the electrical device plugged into the outlet. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of GFCI outlets and how to reset one after it trips.

    If your GFCI outlets are constantly needing to be reset, it’s a strong indication that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system that requires the attention of a licensed residential electrician in Columbus . You should also get in touch with an electrical contractor if you live in an older home and don’t have GFCI outlets in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever there are outlets located near a source of water.