• The Homeowner’s Guide to Electrical Safety

    Do you have electrical outlets in your home that feel warm, or have you noticed that some of the lights in your home flicker almost all the time? Both of these things could be signs of electrical problems. Converse Electric can provide you with an electrician who can check your electrical wiring serving Columbus and look for other signs of danger.

    Outside of keeping an eye out for warm electrical outlets and flickering lights, there are other steps you can take to reduce the risks associated with your home’s electricity. For example, you can hire a licensed electrician to inspect your electrical system once every year. You can also upgrade your outdated electrical panel and install a new one that distributes electricity more efficiently. Even doing something as small as reviewing the location of your home’s fire extinguisher with your family is a great idea. By making a commitment to electrical safety and calling on Converse Electric for all of your electrical needs, you can keep your home as safe as possible and develop a new respect for the electricity you use everyday. Plug lockout

  • Home Electrical Tips

    From dealing with an electrical outlet that is loose to replacing an old electrical panel, homeowners need to maintain their electrical system at all times to keep it running smoothly. Watch this video to see how to handle electrical issues safely and how to find a licensed electrician serving Columbus to help with electrical jobs.

    If you own a home and you don’t take care of small electrical problems, there is a good chance that you will develop large problems in the future. This is why you should take care of that loose electrical outlet or talk to an electrician about having a different electric repair made right away. By maintaining your electrical system, you can avoid much costlier repairs, cut down on your monthly energy costs, and, most importantly, keep your family safe.

  • How to Choose Outdoor Security Lighting

    One of the best ways to keep your home safe at night and provide yourself with the light that you need to navigate outside your home is to install outdoor security lighting. In just a few hours, electrical contractors can set up several motion-detecting lights on the perimeter of your home. These lights are designed to turn on when they detect people or animals nearby and will serve as the first level of security for your house. Check out a few of the outdoor security lighting options you will have when electrical contractors serving Columbus come to your home. outdoor security lighting

    Flood Lighting

    Flood lights are the option that most homeowners choose to go with when they install outdoor security lighting. Flood lights are very bright, can be placed just about anywhere on the outside of a home, and are designed to protect your home . When flood lights detect someone or something moving nearby, they will turn on and light up the entire outside of your home right away.

    Decorative Lighting

    For those who don’t want to have a bright flood light going on and off outside of their home at all hours of the night, decorative lighting installed by a licensed electrician might be a better option. These types of lights look just like the lights you would install outside of your front door, but like flood lights, they are designed to go on when someone or something comes close to them. They will both look good outside of your home and serve as a reliable security feature.

    Remote Lighting

    If you really want to keep your home safe, you can set up a remote motion-detecting sensor in your yard and have it trigger a light in a completely different part of your property. For example, you can set up a sensor near your mailbox that turns on the light near your front door. It’s one of the best forms of outdoor security lighting, and electrical contractors can set up a remote system quickly for you.

  • Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

    When decorating your home for the holidays, you might be tempted to cut corners and take risks with your electrical outlets and plugs for the sake of making your house look beautiful. You should resist the urge to do this because, if you’re not careful, you could run into serious electrical problems. Before you start decorating, you should inspect all of your decorations’ electrical plugs near Columbus to make sure they are in good working order. You should also follow these helpful tips. electrical safety sign

    Do Not Plug Too Many Decorations into Your Electrical Outlets

    If you have a lot of decorations outside of your home, you are going to need somewhere to plug all of them in. While it might be convenient to pick one of your electrical outlets to plug all of your decorations in, it can also be extremely dangerous. By overloading a single outlet with multiple electrical plugs, you will increase the chances of a fire taking place. You should only plug one high-wattage decoration into each of your electrical outlets.

    Use Outdoor Extension Cords When Decorating the Exterior of Your Home

    Using extension cords to set up decorations in your front yard is OK, provided you use extension cords that are specifically labeled for outdoor use . These types of extension cords will not malfunction if they get wet and will not shock you. Regular extension cords, on the other hand, may present you with problems if you attempt to use them outdoors. For added protection, you should use electrical tape to seal any plugs outside to further reduce the risk associated with using outdoor extension cords.

    Make Sure Your Holiday Lights Contain Certification Labels

    Using holiday lights that are not certified by a laboratory like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) can be extremely dangerous. Often times, homeowners will purchase cheap lighting options to save money, but these types of lights aren’t always certified and are therefore not always safe. You want to make sure you are using certified lights that are sold by retailers you trust.