• Working on Your Air Conditioner

    Homeowners whose air conditioner repeatedly trips their circuit breaker may need electrical work in Dublin . In many cases, this problem occurs when the air conditioner pulls more amps than the breaker is designed to pull. The breaker then trips off to protect the equipment and your home from damage that can be caused by overcurrents and electrical fires.

    In some cases, an air conditioner may cause the power to turn off because the unit’s motor requires electric repair. Your AC can run for hours at a time and can cause wear on the wire insulation. Once the insulation breaks down, it can cause an electrical short which trips the breaker. If you’re unsure of the source of the short, call an electrician to inspect the unit.

    Look for a team of experienced electricians that can work on a variety of HVAC equipment, including air conditioners. This will help you find the right electrical contractors to keep your home as comfortable and efficient as possible!


  • Features to Look for in a Generator

    Whole home generators can keep your house safe and functional when the power goes out. If you’re dealing with electric repair in Columbus , you may be wondering what features to look for in a new generator. This home generator guide can help you get started.


    Backup Start

    Today, many generators have an electric start, and if the battery requires a recharge, you may be stuck without power. When choosing a new home generator, look for models that feature a backup pull cord so you can get it running even if the battery is dead.

    Manual Fuel Shutoff

    To prevent fuel from leaking and getting trapped in the fuel system, some generators include a fuel shutoff switch. To make use of the switch, operators should run the generator until it depletes the gas left in the system and stalls, which will minimize the fuel left behind in the carburetor.

    Low Oil Shutoff and Indicator

    When using a generator to fuel your home, it can be easy to lose track of how long it’s been running. If you fail to turn off the machine before it runs out of oil, you’ll soon find yourself shopping for another new generator. To prevent this, select a generator that features both an indicator light to signal when the oil is getting low, and an automatic shutoff to avoid destroying the engine in case you fail to refill the oil in time.

    Fuel Gauge

    The average generator only holds enough fuel to power a home for a day or even less. To keep your unit running continuously, it’s vital to choose one that comes with a fuel gauge so you can keep track of the gas level and fill it up as needed.

    Portable Design

    This may sound obvious, but not all generators come with portability features, such as wheels, included in their retail price. When shopping, be sure to learn what features are included with the generator and test out its portability by moving it through the store, if possible.

  • Staying Safe with Electricity

    Safety is the most important thing to focus on when doing electrical work in Columbus. Electricians advise that you always double or triple check each step of the process to prioritize safety. Watch this video for electrician tips on staying safe with electricity.

    Before doing any electric repair, always turn off the power. Next, ensure that the device you’re working on has no power. It’s essential to double check that all power is off because you may have switched the wrong breaker or another person may have flipped it back on. Always remember that you can never be too safe when it comes to working with electricity.

  • Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated?

    If you live in an older home, you may benefit from a new electrical box in Dublin. Outdated electrical panels can pose a fire hazard. Also, they often lack in safety features and require more maintenance compared to newer ones. There are a few ways to determine if it’s time to replace your electrical box.


    Consider the Panel Size

    Homes that were built in the 60s or earlier sometimes have panels that are equipped to handle only a fraction of the power that’s required by today’s average household. If your electrical panel is too small to deal with the amount of power your home uses, it can be dangerous to continue using it. If you notice that fuses frequently blow or your circuit breakers trip often, call an electrical contractor to inspect your electrical box.

    Look at the Panel Brand

    There are older panel brands to be aware of that are susceptible to malfunction and should be replaced.

    • Federal Pacific Electric manufactured many of the electric panels installed from the 50s up through the 80s. It was eventually found that these panels failed to trip even at significantly higher rates than standard panels and failed to provide safety for homes and families. Faulty wiring and manufacturing defects were responsible for their malfunction. If your electrical box brand is made by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), speak to an electrician about a replacement.
    • Zinsco is another brand to be aware of, as their panels are also prone to malfunction. Zinsco electrical panels do not meet today’s electrical codes, and they were also made with design flaws. Many experts recommend replacing this brand of panel.

    Think About the Panel Style

    Before the development of panel boxes, electrical panels were manufactured as fuse boxes. These were designed to pop the fuse during instances of a short circuit or overcurrent. Once the fuse popped, it would need to be replaced. This led people to create dangerous workarounds and shortcuts to avoid destroying their fuses. In many cases, these older fuse box panels should be replaced with updated electrical panels.

  • Reasons to Choose Converse Electric

    When it comes to electrical contractors serving Columbus , it is essential that you know what to look for. While you may be aware that you should seek a licensed electrician, there are a few other factors to consider as well. By choosing Converse Electric, you can rest assured knowing that you have hired a highly trained professional to take care of any electrical service you may need in your home or business.

    Not just any electrician will ensure that the electrical wiring in your home is up to par. However, some careful research can help you choose the right one. The technicians at Converse Electric are screened for drug use, so you can rest assured that they operate with clear minds. As a family owned business, the welfare of the community is of paramount importance; you will find that the customer service at Converse Electric is pleasant and thorough. You never know when an electrical accident might happen, which is why the emergency services that the team offers are so crucial. Additionally, veterans can enjoy a discount on all electrical services from wiring to maintenance. There are many additional reasons to choose Converse Electric, so keep this trusted business in mind when you next look for an electrician.