• Types of Electrical Wiring at Home

    Your home electrical wiring provides power to all of your electrical outlets and appliances. In this video, you will learn all about the different types of electrical wiring that can be found in the home. Large electrical appliances, such as stoves or washers, require electrical wiring that can transmit 220 volts or more. A residential electrician near Columbus can answer any questions that you may have about the wiring in your home.

    If your home is more than a few decades old, it may be time to update your electrical outlets and wiring. Today’s electrical appliances typically require additional voltage from electrical outlets. By evaluating your current home electrical wiring system, you can decide whether an electrician needs to place larger wires throughout your house.

  • A Look at Different Types of Generators

    Recognizing that you need a home generator is a great first step, but deciding on the exact type might take a little bit of work. The wrong generator might generate too much or too little energy, which can drain your bank account and still leave you uncomfortable. Whole house generators in Dublin are convenient, but not everybody needs that much power. You can also find portable and stationary models, as well as units that rely on gas, diesel, or propane for power. Remember to consult a licensed electrician when purchasing a new generator to make sure you get what you need. Here is a quick look at a few of the different types of generators. new - generator

    Whole Home

    If you are the type of person who likes to err on the side of caution in any situation, a whole home generator may be the right choice for you. Rather than choosing which outlets to power and counting voltage to divvy up the responsibility, whole home generators will allow you to rest assured that your entire house will receive the power it needs. This type of generator might be the right choice if you have a large family or if you depend on medical equipment that requires electricity.

    Portable Versus Stationary

    Home generators may be either portable or stationary, typically depending on the size. Large generators that power the whole home at once will typically be stationary; whole home generators often require too much power to make portability practical. However, there are plenty of portable generators available for those who don’t necessarily need to power their entire homes for a significant period of time. Try returning your portable generator to the same place after each use; when it comes to a stationary home generator, you’ll never wonder where it is.

    Gas, Diesel, or Propane

    If your home is already set up for natural gas, then it makes sense to use this gas to power your generator. Larger whole home generators and commercial generators tend to require diesel fuel, while propane is considered a cleaner burning fuel than most of its alternatives.

  • Testing Your Circuit Breakers

    If you’re having trouble with certain appliances in your home, it could be a faulty electrical outlet in Columbus or it could be a problem with your circuit breaker. Your electrical box is designed to break the circuit when too much voltage is sent through the electrical wiring. Check out this video clip for tips on testing your circuit breakers.

    First you will need to locate the switches that control the appropriate area of the home; you need to know what you’re testing. Unplug any appliance that is connected to an electrical outlet in the area and then check the breaker switches. Move a tripped switch to the on position and see if it trips again. If it does, you might have an electrical wiring problem. Be sure to call your electrician as soon as you can in order to understand the problem and have it fixed.

  • Setting the Mood Inside Your Home

    Security lighting is great for keeping your home and family protected, and task lighting can help you focus on the task at hand, but what can you do about ambience? With the help of your electrical contractor serving Dublin, you can use ambient lighting to cultivate a certain atmosphere or environment in your home. This can be great for entertaining guests or enjoying a romantic night in with your significant other. If you are interested in setting the mood inside your home, feel free to keep reading and find out how your residential electrician can help.

    Ambient lighting is one of the most important components of your residential electrical wiring, especially if your house doesn’t see much natural sunlight throughout the year. In order to fully control the ambience in your living space, you will need the right lighting systems. Ask your electrician about installing lights with a dimmer switch so you can choose the perfect level of lighting for any given situation. This can be especially helpful if you have a movie theater room where different levels of dimness can be both aesthetic and practical for the space. Talk to your electrician about setting the mood in your home.

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