• The Importance of Direct Bonding

    In many cases, direct bonding isn’t just important, it’s necessary; if you have standard corrugated stainless steel tubing for your gas piping system, you’ll need to use direct bonding . Your electrical contractor serving Columbus can ensure that your gas systems are kept functioning with direct bonding, and this will also keep your home up to code. Be sure to work with your professional, licensed electrician when dealing with direct bonding or handling your home electrical wiring, as doing it yourself can be dangerous for you and your electrical wiring. Please take a look ahead to learn all about the importance of direct bonding.

    Even when your gas equipment is not electrically powered, you will still need direct bonding if it uses yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing. The rules are relatively particular when it comes to direct bonding, and following them will keep your building up to code and its inhabitants safe. There are a few acceptable connections for your piping, including the grounding electrode conductor and the grounded conductor at the electrical service. Direct bonding will help to ground electricity, which is a crucial safety feature. Grounding electricity keeps it from zapping your system or even a family member.

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  • What to Know Before You Install a Hot Tub

    Hot tubs offer many excellent benefits, and one of these water features can prove to be a great addition to your home. However, there are a few important things that you should be aware of before installing one of these features. If you are planning to get a hot tub, then continue reading to learn why you should contact a residential electrician near Dublin before taking on this type of project.

    To operate, hot tubs require electricity in addition to a water supply. For this reason, it is critical that you hire an electrician for the job. Taking this step can provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that the electrical work was performed correctly. The importance of this can’t be emphasized enough because installing a hot tub in a code-compliant manner will help ensure your family’s safety when they are in and around your new hot tub.

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  • The Benefits of a Propane Generator

    As a homeowner, you do what you can to keep your family safe and your property protected. For this reason, it makes sense for you to consider the benefits of having a propane whole home generator in Columbus . Generator


    Winter can be brutal, and wind, snow, ice, hail, and storms can all threaten your home’s electrical supply. If you want to reduce the chances of being left without any heating this winter, then investing in a propane generator is a smart decision. Similarly, the installation of this type of system can help keep your home cool during the hot and humid days of summer if your home were to lose power.

    Peace of Mind

    If you sometimes travel on business or go away on vacations with your family, then you could benefit from having a propane home generator installed. While you’re away, the generator system will flip on at a moment’s notice and as soon as it detects a disruption of the power to your home. This means that if the power were to go out while you’re out of town or simply at work for the day, then you won’t need to worry about food in your refrigerator spoiling or your home’s security system turning off.


    When the power goes out, your family can be faced with several hazards. When left without heating or air conditioning in the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, children and seniors can be vulnerable to a range of health problems. Also, having inadequate lighting in and around your home can lead to falls and other injuries.


    While a propane generator can be used to provide electricity to your entire home in the case of a power outage, it’s important to realize that these systems can be tailored to your specific needs. If a high-capacity whole home generator exceeds your budget, then you can select a less expensive model with a smaller capacity, and then have it programmed to power only what you want it to when the power goes out.

  • Where to Place Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

    Having adequate lighting outside of your home can help keep your family and property safe, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy once the sun goes down. Are you thinking about calling an electrician to install landscape or security lighting in Dublin ? If so, then read on to learn some of the best places to install outdoor lighting around your home. Outdoor - Lighting


    If you’re hoping to improve the safety and appearance of your property by installing landscape lighting, then you should start by considering any areas where people typically walk. Driveways, steps, and walkways can all benefit from lighting, as well as any landscape features that you would like to enjoy at night, such as ponds, fountains, planters, trees, or sculptures.

    Outdoor Features

    If there are any outdoor areas where you spend time with your family or choose to entertain guests, then these are prime candidates of outdoor lighting. By properly illuminating porches, separate patios, fire pits, and similar areas, people can enjoy these features with greater safety and ease.


    One of the most important areas of your home in which to install security lighting is near your garage. Both detached and attached garages are prime targets for theft and, if you store sports equipment, tools, and similar items in your garage, then it makes sense to install lighting in this location. Also, keep in mind that the electrician should always install security lighting with the light pointing away from your home, so you can see what’s going on outside without light glaring into your eyes.

    Property Entry Points

    The key to getting the most benefit from your motion-activated security lighting is to get light on any intruders as soon as possible. To do this, aim to have lighting installed at each entry point to your property, such as at the end of your driveway or over a back gate that leads to an alleyway. Additionally, installing lighting at the front and back doors to your home is a smart idea.