• The Role of Circuit Breakers and GFCIs

    In order to protect your electrical wiring from becoming overloaded, your home’s electrical system is equipped with circuit breakers and GFCIs. When you watch this video, you will learn about the important role that circuit breakers and GFCIs play in home electrical safety. When you hire electrical contractors serving Columbus , you may want to ask them to inspect your electrical wiring and circuit breakers to ensure that they are properly connected.

    While circuit breakers are designed to protect your system from becoming overloaded, GFCIs are used to protect electrical outlets. If water comes into contact with an electrical outlet, the GFCI will ground the system and prevent electrical shock. With properly installed and maintained GFCIs, you can rest assured that your electrical system is safe for use.

  • Brighten Up Your Outdoor Areas This Season with Exterior Lighting

    Whether you are concerned with safety, security, or aesthetics, your electrical contractor serving Dublin can help by installing exterior lighting for your property. The right kinds of electrical installations will light up your outdoor living space , allowing you to make the most of your property. This can lead to more late nights in the backyard enjoying the scenery and your family’s company, or it can be something nice to look at for neighbors and people walking by your house. Keep reading and see why you should brighten up your outdoor areas this season with exterior lighting.

    There is much to gain when your residential electrician comes over to install exterior lighting. Most obviously, it can accent the aesthetic nuances of your property. You can shine light on certain focal points or even outline your back porch. When you go for lights that use motion sensing technology to turn on and off, you can also keep your home’s energy bills in check. This motion sensing capability can also add extra security to your property, however, as it can reveal trespassers who might seek to break into your house. Feel free to be creative with your exterior lighting and enjoy all of the benefits.

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  • Home Electrical Upgrades That Can Offer Better Convenience

    If you are happy with your electrical work in Columbus, you might not be thinking about the kinds of changes you could make. However, your electrician may be able to make you even happier with your electrical systems by offering certain kinds of upgrades . A new or improved security system gives you and your family peace of mind, remote lighting increases security and decreases energy bills, and extra outlets can make your home and garage safer. Feel free to continue on for a closer look at some of the home electrical upgrades that can offer better convenience. remote - lighting

    Security Systems

    Many of the upgrades that your electrical contractor can offer you will serve more than one purpose, as is the case with a security system. Whether you are looking to install a security system for the first time or upgrade your existing unit, your electrician can help you make your home much more convenient. Even a simple addition of motion sensing lights can alert you to the presence of a person or animal on your property. If this turns out to be a criminal who plans on breaking into your house, the lights may deter him or her; the lights turning on will also give you a heads-up.

    Remote Lighting

    What is more convenient than saving money? If you want your electrician to help you save money on your energy bills while giving you greater control over your home’s ambience, consider asking about remote lighting. This will allow you to control your residential lighting from wherever you are, which means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to turn out the kitchen light before leaving for the night. You can also turn the lights on just as you arrive back home.

    Extra Outlets

    Plugging too many appliances into 1 outlet or power strip can be dangerous, but people may have few other choices if they don’t have enough outlets. If you have to run extension cords all the way across your garage to use your power tools, talk to your electrician about adding extra outlets to your space.

  • How Blue LEDs Have Impacted the World

    A few decades ago, professional electrical contractors serving Columbus weren’t using LED lights in the same way that they are today for electrical service. Task, atmospheric, and security lighting have all relied on incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but the tide is turning. Watch this video on how blue LEDs have impacted electrical contractors and the world.

    Red and green LEDs have been around since the 1980s, so what makes blue so special as a latecomer? Once blue LEDs were developed in the 1990s, the 3 colors could be combined to make usable white light. This created countless opportunities to improve efficiency in residential and commercial areas, and it has even given promise to underdeveloped nations that don’t have access to the electricity we take for granted. LED lights can also use energy from batteries or even solar energy from panels for increased efficiency. They last exponentially longer than alternatives and continue to become more affordable.