• Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Consumption

    For many households, electricity costs account for a significant amount of their monthly bills. Considering this, it’s no surprise that some of the most common questions electrical contractors in Columbus hear from customers are about saving on energy. If you’re interested in spending less on your home’s electricity needs, then watch this video for some energy-saving tips.

    First, start by switching from incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient CFLs or LEDs. Second, keep your thermostat set slightly higher in the summer and a little cooler in the winter. Third, only run your dishwasher or clothes washer when you have full loads of dishes and laundry to clean. Fourth, unplug your chargers when they aren’t in use. Finally, remember to turn off the lights before leaving a room or the house.

  • Common Reasons for Circuit Breaker Tripping

    If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, you may want to troubleshoot your electrical system with the help of a licensed electrician serving Columbus . In this video, you will take a look at some of the most common causes of a tripped circuit breaker. Oftentimes, a circuit breaker will trip when it is overloaded with too much voltage. Loose or damaged wiring can also cause your circuit breaker to trip.

    For help dealing with circuit breaker or electrical outlet issues in your home, be sure to get in touch with a residential electrician. With services from a team of qualified electrical contractors, you can identify the cause of your tripped circuit breaker. A simple electrical repair service may be all that is needed to restore your circuit breaker to proper function.

  • Reasons to Rely on Converse Electric

    For over five decades, Converse Electric has provided our many satisfied customers with top rated electrical work in Columbus. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with our residential and commercial clients. Whether you need new electrical wiring for your home, or you are having trouble with a blown-out electrical outlet, our electricians will be up to the tasks. There are a few important reasons why our customers choose our company over the competition.

    When you hire us to perform electrical services on your property, you can rest assured that we will treat you like part of the family. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to making sure that our customers are totally satisfied with their services. We also offer a diverse range of services, including whole house generator installation, lighting installation, and wiring repair. You can also feel great knowing that we provide our customers with emergency services, so we will be on call to assist you during an electrical emergency.

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  • Home Electrical Upgrades That Can Offer Better Convenience

    If you are happy with your electrical work in Columbus, you might not be thinking about the kinds of changes you could make. However, your electrician may be able to make you even happier with your electrical systems by offering certain kinds of upgrades . A new or improved security system gives you and your family peace of mind, remote lighting increases security and decreases energy bills, and extra outlets can make your home and garage safer. Feel free to continue on for a closer look at some of the home electrical upgrades that can offer better convenience. remote - lighting

    Security Systems

    Many of the upgrades that your electrical contractor can offer you will serve more than one purpose, as is the case with a security system. Whether you are looking to install a security system for the first time or upgrade your existing unit, your electrician can help you make your home much more convenient. Even a simple addition of motion sensing lights can alert you to the presence of a person or animal on your property. If this turns out to be a criminal who plans on breaking into your house, the lights may deter him or her; the lights turning on will also give you a heads-up.

    Remote Lighting

    What is more convenient than saving money? If you want your electrician to help you save money on your energy bills while giving you greater control over your home’s ambience, consider asking about remote lighting. This will allow you to control your residential lighting from wherever you are, which means you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to turn out the kitchen light before leaving for the night. You can also turn the lights on just as you arrive back home.

    Extra Outlets

    Plugging too many appliances into 1 outlet or power strip can be dangerous, but people may have few other choices if they don’t have enough outlets. If you have to run extension cords all the way across your garage to use your power tools, talk to your electrician about adding extra outlets to your space.

  • Top Reasons to Install a Whole Home Generator

    In many cases, a power outage can be a serious problem. A whole house generator in Dublin seeks to solve this problem by restoring your electrical services until your power comes back. This can be particularly helpful if you frequently suffer from power outages, and it can make life much more convenient. In some cases, power might be a matter of life or death, at which point a home generator becomes essential. Here are a few of the top reasons to install a whole home generator. whole - house - generator

    You Lose Power Often

    If you are accustomed to your home losing power, you might have a problem with your electrical wiring that you should have your professional electrician address. However, sometimes weather events and other extenuating circumstances make for frequent blackouts, and there is only so much you can do about this type of situation. If you want to make sure that you can keep your lights and appliances on when this happens, a whole home generator may be exactly what you need.

    Convenience is Important

    It may not be particularly difficult to get through a brief blackout unscathed, but power outages that last for extended periods of time can be tough. A whole home generator will allow you to power your entire house for as long as it takes for the power to come back on. This means that the ice cream in your freezer won’t melt, you won’t have to miss your favorite TV shows, and candles won’t be your main source of light for hours or days at a time.

    Power is Necessary

    As inconvenient as it can be for your electrical outlets to become unresponsive during a power outage, it can be fatal if you rely on certain kinds of medical equipment. If you or someone you live with uses medical equipment that needs electrical power in order to function, you should make sure you invest in a whole home generator as a safety precaution.

  • The Benefits of a Propane Generator

    As a homeowner, you do what you can to keep your family safe and your property protected. For this reason, it makes sense for you to consider the benefits of having a propane whole home generator in Columbus . Generator


    Winter can be brutal, and wind, snow, ice, hail, and storms can all threaten your home’s electrical supply. If you want to reduce the chances of being left without any heating this winter, then investing in a propane generator is a smart decision. Similarly, the installation of this type of system can help keep your home cool during the hot and humid days of summer if your home were to lose power.

    Peace of Mind

    If you sometimes travel on business or go away on vacations with your family, then you could benefit from having a propane home generator installed. While you’re away, the generator system will flip on at a moment’s notice and as soon as it detects a disruption of the power to your home. This means that if the power were to go out while you’re out of town or simply at work for the day, then you won’t need to worry about food in your refrigerator spoiling or your home’s security system turning off.


    When the power goes out, your family can be faced with several hazards. When left without heating or air conditioning in the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, children and seniors can be vulnerable to a range of health problems. Also, having inadequate lighting in and around your home can lead to falls and other injuries.


    While a propane generator can be used to provide electricity to your entire home in the case of a power outage, it’s important to realize that these systems can be tailored to your specific needs. If a high-capacity whole home generator exceeds your budget, then you can select a less expensive model with a smaller capacity, and then have it programmed to power only what you want it to when the power goes out.

  • Preparing Your Home for a Hot Tub

    Most of the time, electricity and water don’t mix. When it comes to a hot tub , however, the combination is unavoidable. Hot tubs are not dangerous, however, as long as they are wired by a licensed electrician. Never try to do this delicate job yourself; an improperly wired hot tub can be a serious health hazard. You also need to make sure that the wiring is installed in accordance with all relevant codes in order to ensure your own safety as well as that of anybody who uses your hot tub. Whether your hot tub is indoors or outdoors, it’s important to make sure that it operates safely. The solution is to call a residential electrician near Columbus, Ohio, to provide the electrical wiring services you need. By working with an experienced professional, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind necessary to have fun with your hot tub.

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  • The Converse Electric Client for Life Club

    There is no room to take chances when it comes to home electrical wiring serving Dublin, which is why you need to rely on the help of a professional electrician. The team at Converse Electric wants to take care of your electrical work for life, which is why we have created the Converse Electric Client for Life Club . This club is designed to make your life easier and your household safer, and it comes with a whole slew of perks. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about the Converse Electric Client for Life Club.

    At Converse Electric, we are happy to show our customers how proud we are to work with them. When you join the Converse Electric Client for Life Club, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits that will help you keep your home electrical wiring systems in top condition and your family safe. Those who are enrolled will jump to the front of the line when it comes to emergency service calls as well as routine appointments. We even offer a 10% discount to club members on all services. If you want to make sure you are always in good hands with your electrician, join the Converse Electric Client for Life Club.

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  • How Does Electricity Work?

    Our society depends very heavily on electrical work in Columbus , but many are in the dark when it comes to how electricity actually works; this can be particularly problematic when you decide to take on an electrical job yourself instead of calling your electrician. Be sure to work with your electrician and watch this video to find out how electricity works.

    One of the most important aspects of electricity to understand is its inclination towards getting to the ground. Electricity will take the quickest route to the ground, which can be very dangerous if that route includes your body. Neutral and hot are the two main conductors, and hot is typically black; however, in some cases it may be blue or red. Green is the ground, which tends to be easiest to remember. If you find yourself dealing with a problem with your electrical system, be sure to call a licensed electrician.

  • A Look at Direct Bonding

    The electrical work in Columbus that hides behind your walls can be quite complex when examined with the untrained eye. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have your electrician perform the necessary inspections and decide on the proper solutions. The importance of direct bonding comes into play when you consider the corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) that is used for your gas systems. Since direct bonding comes with certain requirements in order to satisfy the needs set by the National Fuel Gas Code, it helps to understand how it works. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to take a look at direct bonding.

    Electrical systems can be very particular, and there may be serious consequences if any minor details are overlooked. This is why it is required that all gas piping utilize standard CSST to make use of direct bonding. Direct bonding will keep electricity continuous and connected to the electrical ground system, making the system safer. Your gas piping must be connected to one of several electronic components. In residential situations, a single bond connection will typically be made. Talk to your electrician to learn more about why direct bonding is so important to electrical service.