• Converse Electric: A History of Providing Excellent Service

    If you are seeking a team of electrical contractors that have decades of knowledge and experience under their belts, look no further than Converse Electric . For more than fifty years, our company has provided residential and commercial electric services near Columbus. We pride ourselves in providing quality electrical repair to all of our customers, and we will treat you like a part of our family.

    Over the decades, our company has built up a reputation of providing reliable electrical wiring and repair at competitive prices. Our founder, Clark Converse, first started our company in 1960 and began working out of his garage. As the business grew and expanded, its commitment to customer satisfaction remained the same. By 2011, Converse Electric had expanded to serve both commercial and residential clients. Today, we are proud to be owned by a third-generation businessman who is also a skilled electrical contractor. Over the years, local newspapers and journals have written articles on the success of our family business.

  • Why You Might Need New Electrical Outlets

    Electrical outlets allow you to connect your home’s lights and appliances to your main electrical grid. Whether you are finding that your current number of outlets does not meet your needs, or you are looking to renovate an older home, there may be several reasons to update your home’s electrical outlets. A residential electrician near Columbus can help you safely replace the electrical outlets throughout your home.

    There are several reasons why you may be considering an electrical outlet upgrade. If your current outlets are outdated, they may not offer three prong grounding systems. Your brand new outlets will be properly grounded and ready for all of your plugs and cords. During a home renovation, your licensed electrician may recommend that you consider a new outlet installation.

    Finally, if you have started to notice that your current outlets are showing signs of becoming charred or cracked, this is an indication that they need to be replaced immediately.

  • Get the Facts About Surge Protectors

    If you want to keep your home safe and your electrical wiring serving Columbus in working order, a surge protector might be a worthwhile investment . When you’re in the market for a new surge protector, you should choose one with an adequate number of electrical outlets. However, all surge protectors will stop working eventually, but different models bring different kinds of advantages to the table. Feel free to continue reading if you are interested in getting the facts about surge protectors. surge - protector

    You need the right number of outlets.

    One fact you should realize about equipment like surge protectors is that they are available in a variety of styles and configurations. Before you decide which surge protector you should purchase, think about how many electrical outlets you need. It tends to be a good idea to choose a surge protector with more outlets than you anticipate needing, rather than fewer. Even if you only need 5 or 6 electrical outlets right now, your needs could very well change over time. For this reason, it can be helpful to pick a surge protector with more outlets than you think you’ll need, so you can utilize them when you add more electronics to your strip.

    Surge protectors eventually wear out.

    Taking care of your power strip can help it last longer, but it will never make it invincible. All surge protectors will wear out eventually, but some will start to malfunction more quickly than others. Some surge protectors will make obvious signs that indicate that it’s wearing out, while others will go out more discreetly. Choose a durable surge protector that will last over time, and recognize the signs so you can replace it as soon as it wears out.

    Different surge protectors offer different benefits.

    As your licensed electrician will tell you, each surge protector is a little different from the next. Some people do not even realize that power strips and surge protectors are actually different devices. Power strips just offer extra electrical outlets, while surge protectors can actually protect your devices and electrical wiring from damage due to voltage issues.

  • Reasons to Rely on Converse Electric

    For over five decades, Converse Electric has provided our many satisfied customers with top rated electrical work in Columbus. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with our residential and commercial clients. Whether you need new electrical wiring for your home, or you are having trouble with a blown-out electrical outlet, our electricians will be up to the tasks. There are a few important reasons why our customers choose our company over the competition.

    When you hire us to perform electrical services on your property, you can rest assured that we will treat you like part of the family. Our family-owned and operated business is dedicated to making sure that our customers are totally satisfied with their services. We also offer a diverse range of services, including whole house generator installation, lighting installation, and wiring repair. You can also feel great knowing that we provide our customers with emergency services, so we will be on call to assist you during an electrical emergency.

    electric - unit

  • Shocking Facts About Electricity and Safety

    Electrical injuries send thousands of people to the emergency room every year. When you watch this video, you will learn some shocking facts about electricity and safety, as well as how to prevent electrical emergencies. Fatal accidents can occur when homeowners attempt to perform their own electrical repairs. With services from a residential electrician near Columbus, you can prevent electrical injuries at home.

    Your electrician will be able to provide you with many different types of electrical repair services throughout the home. By hiring a professional electrician to install your new wiring or fix broken outlets, you can veer clear of the perils that are associated with handling live electrical components.

  • The Role of Circuit Breakers and GFCIs

    In order to protect your electrical wiring from becoming overloaded, your home’s electrical system is equipped with circuit breakers and GFCIs. When you watch this video, you will learn about the important role that circuit breakers and GFCIs play in home electrical safety. When you hire electrical contractors serving Columbus , you may want to ask them to inspect your electrical wiring and circuit breakers to ensure that they are properly connected.

    While circuit breakers are designed to protect your system from becoming overloaded, GFCIs are used to protect electrical outlets. If water comes into contact with an electrical outlet, the GFCI will ground the system and prevent electrical shock. With properly installed and maintained GFCIs, you can rest assured that your electrical system is safe for use.

  • Why Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

    When you are creating a new landscape design for your property, you may want to talk to your electrician about the benefits of installing outdoor lighting . With properly placed landscape lights, you can illuminate your pathways and plantings, while also making your property less attractive to burglars. To achieve the best results from your security lighting installation, it is a terrific idea to work with a residential electrician that performs quality electrical work in Dublin. If you are wondering whether your home needs a lighting update, read on to take a look at the benefits of outdoor lighting. outdoor - lighting

    Enhanced Safety

    When you are walking from your car to your front door at night, you will want to make sure that your pathway is properly illuminated. Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate walkways, stairs, and other essential features around your property. By lighting the exterior of your home, you can prevent slips and falls and enhance the overall safety of your property. Your electrician can help you figure out where your safety lights should be installed.

    Improved Security

    Outdoor lighting is also an important security feature for any household. Motion sensing lights can be set to turn on when an intruder is detected on the exterior of your property. When you have a full set of landscape lights, you can rest assured that your house is not appealing to potential burglars. Overall, outdoor lighting will enhance your sense of security and safety, whether you are at home or away.

    Updated Beauty

    Along with providing you with safety and security features, outdoor lighting can also improve the beauty of your landscaping. As you are creating your outdoor lighting design, you may want to choose fixtures that illuminate special trees or other features around your house. A spotlight, for example, can create a beautiful focal point on a rock wall or mature tree. To achieve the best beauty from your outdoor lighting design, you will want to work with an electrician that specializes in lighting services.

  • Types of Electrical Wiring at Home

    Your home electrical wiring provides power to all of your electrical outlets and appliances. In this video, you will learn all about the different types of electrical wiring that can be found in the home. Large electrical appliances, such as stoves or washers, require electrical wiring that can transmit 220 volts or more. A residential electrician near Columbus can answer any questions that you may have about the wiring in your home.

    If your home is more than a few decades old, it may be time to update your electrical outlets and wiring. Today’s electrical appliances typically require additional voltage from electrical outlets. By evaluating your current home electrical wiring system, you can decide whether an electrician needs to place larger wires throughout your house.

  • The Importance of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

    The electrical wiring in your home can impact your overall efficiency, your convenience, and even the health and safety of your family. When you have your residential electrician near Columbus upgrade your electrical panel, you can enjoy a safer and more convenient home for years to come. Upgraded electrical boxes are even a great idea for those who plan on moving, as they can increase the resale value of the home. Take a look ahead for more on the importance of upgrading your electrical panel.

    Keeping the Home Safe electrical - panel

    You might have had a bicycle that you rode until the wheels fell off or a car that you relied on for a decade or more, but your electrical wiring is not something you can plan on using until the last drop. An old, malfunctioning electrical panel can be dangerous to operate and ultimately put the whole family in danger. Older electrical boxes might be prone to sparking, which can be especially problematic for people who don’t have much experience in using them. These sparks can potentially lead to fires, so upgrade your electrical panel sooner rather than later and keep your home as safe as possible.

    Enjoying Added Convenience

    If your electrical work isn’t what it used to be, it won’t be able to handle what it needs to handle. You might find yourself having to take care of the task of going to your electrical box to reset the switch on a daily basis or perhaps even more frequently, even though you know you’re not overloading the circuits. An upgraded electrical panel will not trip for no reason, so you won’t be bothered by constant trips to the box. This means no more missing the winning goal or the announcement of the star you hoped to win.

    Increasing Resale Value

    As advantageous as a new electrical panel is, one of the benefits is simply that it’s not old and broken. A faulty electrical panel is a necessary expense, and it’s one that potential homebuyers are not looking to purchase. An upgraded electrical panel, on the other hand, is a plus.

  • Is Your Electrical System Optimized for Summer?

    A new season brings a great deal of change, and your electrical work in Columbus may be one of many systems that are affected. If you want your electrical systems and appliances to work as best as possible and keep your household comfortable and efficient throughout the entire year, you will need to enlist the help of your electrician. Optimizing your electrical system will keep your appliances in top shape, but neglecting it can be dangerous. Make sure you work with your electrician to provide your system with the needed maintenance. Read on if you are wondering if your electrical system is optimized for summer. electrical - system

    Benefits of Optimization

    You will have all sorts of expenses as a home or business owner, but a substantial chunk of these expenses often goes towards your energy bills. Seasons like summer and winter will bring the most extreme temperatures, which can make them tough on your electrical system. Optimizing your electrical system, however, can help you save money and keep your business place or household in top working order. An optimized electrical system will make it as easy as possible for your air conditioner to keep your space at a comfortable temperature throughout the warmer months of the year. Since your cooling units will not have to work as hard, you will enjoy monetary savings.

    Dangers of Neglect

    You can reap real benefits of an optimized electrical system throughout the summer, but an electrical system that is not prepared for the heat may cause many different types of problems. In addition to driving up your energy bills, an overworked electrical system can malfunction and pose hazards to you, your family members, and your coworkers. Struggling electrical wiring is prone to overheating, and this is especially dangerous during the summer.

    Reasons to Stick to Your Maintenance Schedule

    If you want to make sure your electrical system is fully prepared for the heat of the summer, you need to stick to a maintenance schedule. Your electrician can take a look at your appliances and home electrical wiring to make sure that everything is in safe working order.