• Surviving a Power Outage When You Have Medical Issues

    Power outages can happen at any time, so having an action plan in place can be important for your health. This fact is especially true if you are an older adult or have a health condition that requires the use of medical devices or medications that need refrigeration. One smart way to prepare for losing electrical service in Columbus is to install a whole home generator . Keep reading to learn more about weathering a power outage when you have medical issues. power - outage

    Establish a Way of Powering Medical Devices

    If your medical devices run on batteries, then you can prepare for a power outage by stocking up on each kind of battery you may require. If your medical devices run on electricity, however, then consider having a whole home generator installed. This type of system can help ensure that while the power is out, your medical devices will continue to function, your refrigerator will run and keep medications cool, and your heating or air conditioning will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Portable generators are an alternative to whole home systems. If you choose to use a portable generator, then be sure to place it outside and away from any open windows or doors.

    Prepare an Emergency File of Medical Information

    Creating a personal emergency file can help ensure that you receive the treatment you need in the case of a power outage and can continue to run your medical devices. Work with your health care provider during this process and be sure to update the file if your doctors, caregivers, treatment plan, or personal contacts change. Some examples of information that your emergency file should include are your medical records, current plan of care, emergency contact information, and power of attorney, as well as instructions for the use of your medical devices and where to acquire any medical supplies you might need. Finally, you should carry a card on your person that indicates where to find this file and inform your family, caregivers, and friends of its existence.

  • Get the Facts About Surge Protectors

    If you want to keep your home safe and your electrical wiring serving Columbus in working order, a surge protector might be a worthwhile investment . When you’re in the market for a new surge protector, you should choose one with an adequate number of electrical outlets. However, all surge protectors will stop working eventually, but different models bring different kinds of advantages to the table. Feel free to continue reading if you are interested in getting the facts about surge protectors. surge - protector

    You need the right number of outlets.

    One fact you should realize about equipment like surge protectors is that they are available in a variety of styles and configurations. Before you decide which surge protector you should purchase, think about how many electrical outlets you need. It tends to be a good idea to choose a surge protector with more outlets than you anticipate needing, rather than fewer. Even if you only need 5 or 6 electrical outlets right now, your needs could very well change over time. For this reason, it can be helpful to pick a surge protector with more outlets than you think you’ll need, so you can utilize them when you add more electronics to your strip.

    Surge protectors eventually wear out.

    Taking care of your power strip can help it last longer, but it will never make it invincible. All surge protectors will wear out eventually, but some will start to malfunction more quickly than others. Some surge protectors will make obvious signs that indicate that it’s wearing out, while others will go out more discreetly. Choose a durable surge protector that will last over time, and recognize the signs so you can replace it as soon as it wears out.

    Different surge protectors offer different benefits.

    As your licensed electrician will tell you, each surge protector is a little different from the next. Some people do not even realize that power strips and surge protectors are actually different devices. Power strips just offer extra electrical outlets, while surge protectors can actually protect your devices and electrical wiring from damage due to voltage issues.

  • Reasons to Update Your Electrical Panel

    Your house has likely always had the same electrical wiring serving Columbus, but your electrical panel is what allows you to interact with it. A faulty electrical panel can be dangerous, so an update can keep your home and family safer. An updated electrical panel can also protect your expensive electronic equipment and make it easier to take control of your home , making it easier to address a power surge in the event that one happens to your household. If you’re interested in experiencing better residential electricity, call a licensed electrician and read on for reasons to update your electrical panel. electrical - panel

    Increased Safety

    Working with your electrical wiring without having any training as an electrician can be extremely dangerous, and not just for you; attempting to fix faulty wiring can lead to disasters like house fires that can affect your entire family. An updated electrical panel can increase the safety of your home and family by minimizing the chances of house fires and other significant problems. A more modern electrical panel will also be better at protecting you from electric shock; shocking yourself while trying to fix a blown fuse will only add to potential injuries.

    Protection of Your Equipment

    In addition to protect yourself from injury, an updated electrical panel can also keep your appliances working. Too much voltage coming through your electrical wiring can fry your television, video game systems, or lighting fixtures, but a new electrical panel can save the day. Newer models tend to be less likely to malfunction, which means they’ll do a better job of controlling the amount of electricity that comes into your home. This means that your appliances and your home electrical wiring itself will be kept in top shape.

    Added Convenience

    Older homes contain older electrical panels, and they might not be designed to meet your needs. If you’re tired of going to your electrical box to flip the switch every time you experience a power surge, have your electrician upgrade your panel. This will protect your home from power surges so you don’t have to keep fixing your blown fuses.

  • Tackling Electrical Issues

    Your electrical wiring serving Columbus keeps your lights on and your house buzzing , but some electrical layouts may be more convenient than others. This is why it helps to take a walk around your house and decide where your electrical boxes should be. Check out this video clip on tackling electrical issues.

    When an electrician sees a home being built, he or she will automatically think about how the electrical wiring will be designed. If you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re having a brand new home built, try to picture the layout of your furniture. This will help you decide where your electrical outlets should be and how you can use them comfortably. Consider where you will place televisions, lamps, and other appliances. Remember that every room should have a light switch by the doorway so you can flip a switch and see the room you’re walking into.

  • Summer Heat and Your Home’s Electrical System

    When the temperature starts to soar during the long summer months, many homeowners find themselves running their air conditioners constantly. Not only can this be expensive, but it can also put a strain on your home’s electrical system. You may find yourself calling for an emergency electrician in Columbus, Ohio, before the season is over. To reduce the likelihood that you will find yourself facing an unwanted electrical emergency, follow these simple tips. electrical - system

    Watch for signs of an electrical issue. It’s smart to have your electrical system inspected by a professional from time to time to ensure that there are no problems, but you should also keep an eye out for any warning signs. Do any of the lights in your house flicker? Are there any strange noises coming from any of your outlets? Are your circuits tripping frequently? If the answer is yes, then you may have an issue with your electrical system, and it’s time to call an electrician.

    Turn off appliances when not in use. Shutting off the lights when you leave the room might seem like a minor adjustment, but it can add up to major savings—and reduced stress on your appliances and electrical system—over time. If you’re not using an electrical appliance, make sure that it isn’t still using energy. Don’t just turn off your television set or your computer; unplug them.

    Don’t overuse your air conditioning. It’s easy to rely on your air conditioning when it’s hot out, but there are less expensive ways to keep your home cool. Try keeping your windows closed and your blinds drawn during the hottest hours of the day, and leave your windows open at night to bring in the cool air. You might also try running ceiling fans instead of the air conditioning; they use less energy, and they’ll help keep your house from feeling stuffy.

  • The Benefits of Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

    Today’s technology makes it possible for your home to be smarter than ever, and part of this has to do with your electrical work in Dublin. Outdoor motion sensor lighting can make your home more energy-efficient, which will lower your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact, and it can also keep everyone safe on your property. When your residential electrician installs this type of lighting , you will also enjoy the added benefit of ultimate convenience. Continue reading for a brief overview of some of the benefits of outdoor motion sensor lighting. motion - sensor - light


    Whenever a light is on more often than it needs to be, it contributes to a waste of energy that can drive up your bills. If you want to ensure that your outdoor lighting is only on when it needs to be, consider investing in outdoor motion sensor lighting from an electrician. Since your lights will automatically turn off when they are not needed, you never have to worry about turning them off yourself. This directly translates into monetary savings, and it can even extend the working life of your lighting system.

    Safety and Security

    Outdoor motion sensor lighting is security lighting that will turn on as soon as someone passes a certain threshold. This will make it much more difficult for criminals to attempt to invade your home or workplace or damage your property. A potential intruder who walks onto your property may be scared away by the outdoor motion sensor lighting alone. Additionally, it might be difficult to walk around your property safely in the dark; this is especially true if you live on a steep hill or have other obstacles to avoid on your lawn or driveway. Outdoor motion sensor lighting will automatically illuminate the area so you can see where you are going.


    Walking into a dark area and fumbling around to find the lights can be a pain, but outdoor motion sensor lighting eliminates this concern. When you have this type of system set up, you can rest assured that your path will light up before you. Children and the elderly may particularly appreciate this convenience.

  • The Importance of Grounded Outlets

    New homes tend to feature a different kind of electrical outlet in Columbus: one that is grounded and able to accept three prongs. Grounded outlets can help to make your home electrical wiring safer and more effective, which is especially important if you live with children. These newer types of electrical outlets will properly redirect electricity in the event of a short circuit, and they will safely power a range of different types of appliances while meeting certain code requirements. Continue reading if you would like to gain a better understanding of the importance of grounded outlets.


    Redirect Electricity during Short Circuits

    If you take a look around your home and notice that many of your electrical outlets have two prongs rather than three, you are not as safe as you could be from electrical malfunctions. The purpose of a grounded outlet—which has three prongs—is to send electricity to the ground in the event of a short circuit. If there is no third prong and a short circuit occurs, the electricity could be sent outwards towards you rather than safely to the ground. By grounding the electricity, your outlet will keep you safe from electrical hazards like shock and electrocution.

    Safely Power Your Appliances

    Since the importance of grounding is not the most recent concept, many appliances are created with this factor in mind. If you take a look at the end of the power cable for any given appliance, there is a good chance it will feature three prongs; the third prong on the power cable matches with the third prong on your grounded outlets. In order to plug a three-pronged electrical cable into a two-pronged ungrounded outlet, you will need an adapter.

    Meet National Electric Code Requirements

    Buildings have codes that they must follow to ensure that they are safe for use, and one code associated with electricity is the National Electric Code. In certain cases, your building may not satisfy the requirements of the code if you do not have grounded outlets. Fortunately switching to grounded outlets is safer as well as more convenient for your appliances.

  • Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated?

    If you live in an older home, you may benefit from a new electrical box in Dublin. Outdated electrical panels can pose a fire hazard. Also, they often lack in safety features and require more maintenance compared to newer ones. There are a few ways to determine if it’s time to replace your electrical box.


    Consider the Panel Size

    Homes that were built in the 60s or earlier sometimes have panels that are equipped to handle only a fraction of the power that’s required by today’s average household. If your electrical panel is too small to deal with the amount of power your home uses, it can be dangerous to continue using it. If you notice that fuses frequently blow or your circuit breakers trip often, call an electrical contractor to inspect your electrical box.

    Look at the Panel Brand

    There are older panel brands to be aware of that are susceptible to malfunction and should be replaced.

    • Federal Pacific Electric manufactured many of the electric panels installed from the 50s up through the 80s. It was eventually found that these panels failed to trip even at significantly higher rates than standard panels and failed to provide safety for homes and families. Faulty wiring and manufacturing defects were responsible for their malfunction. If your electrical box brand is made by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), speak to an electrician about a replacement.
    • Zinsco is another brand to be aware of, as their panels are also prone to malfunction. Zinsco electrical panels do not meet today’s electrical codes, and they were also made with design flaws. Many experts recommend replacing this brand of panel.

    Think About the Panel Style

    Before the development of panel boxes, electrical panels were manufactured as fuse boxes. These were designed to pop the fuse during instances of a short circuit or overcurrent. Once the fuse popped, it would need to be replaced. This led people to create dangerous workarounds and shortcuts to avoid destroying their fuses. In many cases, these older fuse box panels should be replaced with updated electrical panels.

  • Reasons to Choose Converse Electric

    When it comes to electrical contractors serving Columbus , it is essential that you know what to look for. While you may be aware that you should seek a licensed electrician, there are a few other factors to consider as well. By choosing Converse Electric, you can rest assured knowing that you have hired a highly trained professional to take care of any electrical service you may need in your home or business.

    Not just any electrician will ensure that the electrical wiring in your home is up to par. However, some careful research can help you choose the right one. The technicians at Converse Electric are screened for drug use, so you can rest assured that they operate with clear minds. As a family owned business, the welfare of the community is of paramount importance; you will find that the customer service at Converse Electric is pleasant and thorough. You never know when an electrical accident might happen, which is why the emergency services that the team offers are so crucial. Additionally, veterans can enjoy a discount on all electrical services from wiring to maintenance. There are many additional reasons to choose Converse Electric, so keep this trusted business in mind when you next look for an electrician.


  • Why You Should Trust a Professional Electrician

    While there are some household tasks you can perform on your own, it’s not a good idea to act as your own electrician. Instead, find a quality residential electrician near Columbus to keep your electrical system in working order. Attempting to handle your own electrical work can be dangerous, but professionals are trained and experienced in the industry. Professional electricians can also provide emergency services when you need them, and this keeps your family and your home or workplace safe. Read on to find out why you should trust a professional electrician.


    Specialized Training

    A handy homeowner might be able to fix a leaky sink or paint the exterior of the house, but you need a more experienced, trained professional to deal with electrical problems. A licensed and insured electrical contractor will be fully trained to deal with any kind of issue you might be having. It’s absolutely essential to handle electrical wiring with the utmost care, and it is equally important to understand what to look out for. You can trust a licensed and insured electrician to be able to diagnose and treat your problem safely and efficiently.

    Experience and References

    Some electricians are more qualified than others, and there are ways to tell who is the right choice. An experienced electrical contractor will have undergone a significant amount of practice, which means that he or she has worked with plenty of customers before you. If you want to find out how a professional operates, you can simply ask for references. This will allow you to talk to previous clients and ask them for their unbiased opinions. This can be a great way to narrow down your choices when looking for a trustworthy professional electrician.

    Emergency Service

    An electrical emergency is a job that should always be left for a professional contractor. Emergencies are inherently more dangerous and riskier than typical electrical maintenance services, so the chance of sustaining an injury is even higher. Work with a professional electrician who is willing to rush to your aid whenever you experience an emergency, even if it occurs after hours.