• Keeping Your Outdoor Lighting in Top Condition This Winter

    Because your landscape and security lighting help keep you, your family, and your property safe, as well as add elegance and curb appeal to your home, maintaining them should be a priority. Read on to learn a few things that your residential technician in Columbus would want you to know about keeping your outdoor lighting in top condition during the winter months.

    Touch Up Your Landscaping

    Over the course of a year, it’s not uncommon for wiring and cables that were once covered by landscaping to rise to the surface. To help protect these cords from wear and reduce the number of trip hazards on your property, take a walk around your yard and cover up exposed cables by burying them with landscaping materials like mulch, sod, and gravel.

    Also, be sure to trim back any hedges, tree branches, or other types of growth that are growing too near to your outdoor light fixtures.

    Use the Right Outlets

    If you’re planning to decorate your home with holiday lighting this season, then using the right kind of outlet can be critical for both safety purposes and for maintaining your lights. To help prevent electrical fires, any outdoor lights that you use should be plugged into outlets that are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

    For this reason, before you begin decorating, ensure that your outdoor outlets are all GFCI-protected by checking them for “test” and “reset” buttons. If your outdoor outlets look like normal ones, then contact an electrician about GFCI installation before you begin plugging in your holiday lights.

    Clean the Light Fixtures

    While any burnt-out bulbs should be replaced, of course, cleaning the surfaces of all the working bulbs that make up your outdoor lighting can help them shine with renewed vigor. Also, while you’re at it, consider brushing off dust and debris from the light fixtures, as well.

    Finally, if your outdoor lighting isn’t looking as impressive as you’d like by the end of this process, then consider hiring an electrician to install a few more fixtures around your property.

  • A Guide to Buying the Perfect Bulb

    Light bulb technology has advanced significantly in recent years. This video will provide you with important information about how to choose your next bulb. In order to choose the best bulb for your lighting design, you will want to check out the lumens offered by various products. An electrician who offers home and security lighting in Columbus can answer any questions that you may have about choosing the right bulbs for your household.

    Whether you are installing new electrical wiring, or selecting new interior lighting for your space, you will want to hire an electrician that is fully licensed and insured. With top rated electrical services, it will be possible to create a beautiful and efficient lighting design for each area of your home.

  • 3 Indications That You Need an Emergency Electrician

    An electrical emergency can be a dangerous situation for any household . From faulty wiring to broken electrical boxes, there are many different emergency scenarios that can arise in your household. If you are having trouble with an outlet or other household electrical system, do not wait to schedule emergency services with certified electrical contractors serving Columbus. Read on for an overview of 3 signs that your household needs emergency electrical services. electrical - emergency

    1. Scorched Electrical Outlets

    The outlets around your home should be set up so that they are able to accommodate the amount of electrical current that is required by modern appliances. If you start to notice black scorch marks around one or more outlets around your home, do not wait to hire a team of emergency electricians. Scorch marks indicate that your outlets are overloading and sparking. Neglecting to repair this electrical emergency could place your household at risk of breaking out in an electrical fire.

    2. Visible Sparks

    Sparks can indicate a serious electrical emergency in your home. A sparking outlet may not be properly grounded, or it may be connected to faulty wiring. Ignoring a sparking outlet can lead to serious electrical damage to your property. With emergency electrical services, you will be able to diagnose the source of your unusual sparks and determine the correct course of repairs. After your sparking outlet has been fixed, you will be able to use your electrical system with better confidence.

    3. Frequently Overloaded Circuits

    Your home’s circuit breaker is designed to shut off when it senses that the system gets overloaded. While it is natural for your circuits to overload on very rare occasions, frequently overloaded circuits could point to a significant electrical emergency. When your electrical wiring is outdated or frayed, your circuits can start to flip with increased frequency. Keeping the number of an emergency electrician on hand will allow you to address household electrical problems as quickly as possible.

  • How You Can Benefit from an Electrical System Upgrade

    Electrical wiring systems have undergone many different innovations in the past decades. When you hire an electrician to perform electrical work in Columbus , you may want to ask him or her about whether your house is eligible for an upgrade. When you take the time to update your electrical outlets, wiring, and other systems, you will be able to improve the safety and performance of your entire system. Let’s review some of the terrific benefits that you can expect from an electrical system upgrade in your home. updated - electrical - system

    Better Safety

    One of the top benefits of performing an electrical system upgrade for your home is that you will enjoy improved safety. Rather than worrying about whether your electrical wiring and other components are in danger of sparking or causing an electrical fire, you can rest assured that your electrical system is completely safe for daily use. Your electrical contractor can upgrade your aging system with new components that offer enhanced safety, as well as protective equipment.

    Improved Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is a major topic of consideration for every household. If you want to reduce the amount of electricity that your family uses every day, now may be the time to consider an electrical system upgrade. When you take the time to install brand new electrical components in your home, you will be able to achieve the best possible energy efficiency from your home’s electrical system. Overall, an upgraded electrical system could save you significant amounts on your monthly bills.

    Enhanced Performance

    An older electrical system may not have the capabilities that are needed to provide your home with optimal performance. If you find that you are continually having to flip your circuit breaker or reset your outlets, it may be time to start thinking about setting up an electrical system upgrade. When you get your system upgraded, you will be able to install new circuits and wiring components that are able to easily handle the energy requirements of your modern appliances.

  • Brighten Up Your Outdoor Areas This Season with Exterior Lighting

    Whether you are concerned with safety, security, or aesthetics, your electrical contractor serving Dublin can help by installing exterior lighting for your property. The right kinds of electrical installations will light up your outdoor living space , allowing you to make the most of your property. This can lead to more late nights in the backyard enjoying the scenery and your family’s company, or it can be something nice to look at for neighbors and people walking by your house. Keep reading and see why you should brighten up your outdoor areas this season with exterior lighting.

    There is much to gain when your residential electrician comes over to install exterior lighting. Most obviously, it can accent the aesthetic nuances of your property. You can shine light on certain focal points or even outline your back porch. When you go for lights that use motion sensing technology to turn on and off, you can also keep your home’s energy bills in check. This motion sensing capability can also add extra security to your property, however, as it can reveal trespassers who might seek to break into your house. Feel free to be creative with your exterior lighting and enjoy all of the benefits.

    exterior - lighting

  • A Look at Different Types of Generators

    Recognizing that you need a home generator is a great first step, but deciding on the exact type might take a little bit of work. The wrong generator might generate too much or too little energy, which can drain your bank account and still leave you uncomfortable. Whole house generators in Dublin are convenient, but not everybody needs that much power. You can also find portable and stationary models, as well as units that rely on gas, diesel, or propane for power. Remember to consult a licensed electrician when purchasing a new generator to make sure you get what you need. Here is a quick look at a few of the different types of generators. new - generator

    Whole Home

    If you are the type of person who likes to err on the side of caution in any situation, a whole home generator may be the right choice for you. Rather than choosing which outlets to power and counting voltage to divvy up the responsibility, whole home generators will allow you to rest assured that your entire house will receive the power it needs. This type of generator might be the right choice if you have a large family or if you depend on medical equipment that requires electricity.

    Portable Versus Stationary

    Home generators may be either portable or stationary, typically depending on the size. Large generators that power the whole home at once will typically be stationary; whole home generators often require too much power to make portability practical. However, there are plenty of portable generators available for those who don’t necessarily need to power their entire homes for a significant period of time. Try returning your portable generator to the same place after each use; when it comes to a stationary home generator, you’ll never wonder where it is.

    Gas, Diesel, or Propane

    If your home is already set up for natural gas, then it makes sense to use this gas to power your generator. Larger whole home generators and commercial generators tend to require diesel fuel, while propane is considered a cleaner burning fuel than most of its alternatives.

  • Resetting a Tripped Breaker

    A tripped electrical breaker can come as a surprise, but it might not indicate a serious problem with your home electrical wiring. Your breaker protects overloaded electrical outlets from causing damage to the home and your appliances, and you can often reset a tripped breaker without the help of your electrical contractor . Watch this video to learn how you can reset a tripped breaker without calling an electrician.

    The process of resetting a tripped breaker is typically quite simple, but the procedure depends on your situation. If you have lost power in an entire house, room, or wall, take a look at your electrical box. Find the breaker that isn’t quite fully on and turn it off. Then you can turn it back on and try your appliances again. If you only lose power to one outlet, unplug your appliances and press the reset button that sticks out from the GFCI outlet; then plug your electrical cords back in.

  • Why You Should Trust a Professional Electrician

    While there are some household tasks you can perform on your own, it’s not a good idea to act as your own electrician. Instead, find a quality residential electrician near Columbus to keep your electrical system in working order. Attempting to handle your own electrical work can be dangerous, but professionals are trained and experienced in the industry. Professional electricians can also provide emergency services when you need them, and this keeps your family and your home or workplace safe. Read on to find out why you should trust a professional electrician.


    Specialized Training

    A handy homeowner might be able to fix a leaky sink or paint the exterior of the house, but you need a more experienced, trained professional to deal with electrical problems. A licensed and insured electrical contractor will be fully trained to deal with any kind of issue you might be having. It’s absolutely essential to handle electrical wiring with the utmost care, and it is equally important to understand what to look out for. You can trust a licensed and insured electrician to be able to diagnose and treat your problem safely and efficiently.

    Experience and References

    Some electricians are more qualified than others, and there are ways to tell who is the right choice. An experienced electrical contractor will have undergone a significant amount of practice, which means that he or she has worked with plenty of customers before you. If you want to find out how a professional operates, you can simply ask for references. This will allow you to talk to previous clients and ask them for their unbiased opinions. This can be a great way to narrow down your choices when looking for a trustworthy professional electrician.

    Emergency Service

    An electrical emergency is a job that should always be left for a professional contractor. Emergencies are inherently more dangerous and riskier than typical electrical maintenance services, so the chance of sustaining an injury is even higher. Work with a professional electrician who is willing to rush to your aid whenever you experience an emergency, even if it occurs after hours.

  • Signs Your Wiring Is Outdated

    The electrical wiring in your home is not going to last you forever. Over time, the electrical connections located within your home will weaken and the wiring itself will begin to fray and crack, which could result in sparking, smoke, and even a fire if you don’t have your wiring replaced. You should contact an electrician and have him or her inspect your electrical wiring if you suspect it might be outdated. Here are signs that will indicate that you need to have electrical work in Columbus done.

    electrical work

    The electrical outlets in your home produce excessive heat.

    When you touch one of the electrical outlets in your home, it should feel cool to the touch. It doesn’t matter if the outlet hasn’t been used in months or it’s being used to provide power to a large appliance. Your electrical outlets shouldn’t be warm at all. Additionally, the wall surrounding an electrical outlet shouldn’t be warm, either. If you can feel heat coming from your electrical outlets, it’s a clear sign that you have an issue and that you need the services of an electrician.

    The circuit breakers in your electrical panel trip all the time.

    Do you have circuit breakers that trip every time you use certain electrical outlets in your home? This could be the sign of electrical trouble. Your home’s circuit breakers are designed to trip when your electrical panel is overloaded, but they shouldn’t trip on a regular basis. If you find that they do, you may need to have electrical maintenance done in your home.

    The lights in your home dim whenever you use certain appliances.

    If your lights dim or flicker when you are using an appliance in your home, it’s an indication that your electrical system isn’t providing enough power to them . You should get this checked out, as it may be a sign that your electrical system is failing to produce the electricity that your home needs. An electrician will be able to tell you whether or not you would benefit from updating your home’s electrical wiring.

  • She Knows: Modernizing Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Did you know that 91% of purchases for the home are influenced by women? Women have tremendous economic power, though almost half of women feel that marketers don’t understand them. When it comes to updating the home, it is women who often make most of the decisions. Updating your lighting fixtures can give your home a more welcoming glow in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and beyond. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, it’s a good idea to update your appliances with sleek, modern choices. A residential electrician near Columbus can make sure your wiring is up-to-date so that your fixtures and appliances are safe as well as aesthetically pleasing. Check out this infographic to learn more about the influence of women as well as ideas for updating your home. Please share with your friends and family!

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