• Keeping Your Outdoor Lighting in Top Condition This Winter

    Because your landscape and security lighting help keep you, your family, and your property safe, as well as add elegance and curb appeal to your home, maintaining them should be a priority. Read on to learn a few things that your residential technician in Columbus would want you to know about keeping your outdoor lighting in top condition during the winter months.

    Touch Up Your Landscaping

    Over the course of a year, it’s not uncommon for wiring and cables that were once covered by landscaping to rise to the surface. To help protect these cords from wear and reduce the number of trip hazards on your property, take a walk around your yard and cover up exposed cables by burying them with landscaping materials like mulch, sod, and gravel.

    Also, be sure to trim back any hedges, tree branches, or other types of growth that are growing too near to your outdoor light fixtures.

    Use the Right Outlets

    If you’re planning to decorate your home with holiday lighting this season, then using the right kind of outlet can be critical for both safety purposes and for maintaining your lights. To help prevent electrical fires, any outdoor lights that you use should be plugged into outlets that are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

    For this reason, before you begin decorating, ensure that your outdoor outlets are all GFCI-protected by checking them for “test” and “reset” buttons. If your outdoor outlets look like normal ones, then contact an electrician about GFCI installation before you begin plugging in your holiday lights.

    Clean the Light Fixtures

    While any burnt-out bulbs should be replaced, of course, cleaning the surfaces of all the working bulbs that make up your outdoor lighting can help them shine with renewed vigor. Also, while you’re at it, consider brushing off dust and debris from the light fixtures, as well.

    Finally, if your outdoor lighting isn’t looking as impressive as you’d like by the end of this process, then consider hiring an electrician to install a few more fixtures around your property.

  • Top Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician

    Over the years, your home’s electrical outlets, wiring, and other systems will experience gradual wear and tear. To protect the safety of your family and property, be sure to call an electrician at the first sign of an emergency. With services from a residential electrician near Columbus , you will be able to receive safe and accurate electrical repair for your home. If you wait to call your electrician, you could run the risk of creating a serious safety hazard on your property. Some of the top reasons to call an emergency electrician include:

    You experience frequent power interruptions.

    The outlets around your property should be able to handle the voltage requirements of all of your appliances and lights. If you experience frequent power interruptions or flipped circuit breakers, this is a sign that your electrical system is not wired correctly. To avoid an electrical surge or potential fire hazard, contact an emergency electrician to deal with your power interruptions. Replacing your wiring our outlets will restore the performance and safety of your system.

    You are worried about electrical shocks.

    A properly functioning electrical system will protect you from electrical shock. If your outlet or circuit breaker shocks you when you get too close, this is a warning sign that your system is overloaded or improperly wired. Electrical shocks can be deadly, so you will need to hire an emergency electrician to handle the issue. Once your system has been repaired, you and your family members will be protected against sudden shocks and sparks.

    Your circuit panel is wet or rusty.

    Electricity and water are a deadly combination. In the event that you notice corrosion or moisture on or around the main circuit panel of your home, it is of the utmost importance that you hire an emergency electrician to deal with the issue. By replacing your circuit panel and eliminating any sources of moisture or rust, your electrician will be able to make certain that your electrical panel is not creating a fire and safety hazard in your home.

  • Want to Protect Your Family? Better Lighting Might Do the Trick

    Lighting can provide safety and security to the indoor and outdoor spaces around your home. When you are working with an electrician to create a new lighting design for your property, consider choosing security lighting and other features that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your family members. A residential electrician near Columbus can provide you with detailed information about the various lighting options that are available for your property. Your lighting can provide you with various security functions, including: home - light

    Senior Fall Prevention

    If you are renovating a home for a senior family member, consider placing lights in key areas of the home. Stairwells, hallways, and other spaces can pose safety threats to elders who have mobility or vision limitations. Bright lighting can help to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces, which may help to protect your senior family members from slips and falls. An electrician can help you identify areas of your home that may pose safety threats without the correct type of lighting.

    Residential Security

    Indoor and outdoor lighting can be a key component of your home’s security system. Motion-activated lights, for example, can be set so that they will automatically turn on when a person is walking through your yard. On interior of your home, you can set up a timed lighting system that will illuminate your home when you are on vacation. A secure lighting strategy can make your home much less attractive to criminals.

    Soothing for Children with Autism

    Children with autism can be very sensitive to lighting and other forms of visual stimulation. If you are the parent of a child with autism, consider protecting your son or daughter with sensory mood lighting. Lights that can be dimmed or tinted may provide a calming and soothing sensation. You can place sensory lighting throughout your entire home, or include special lighting in a child’s bedroom and play areas. The calming effect of your sensory lighting installation may prove to have many benefits for your child.

  • What to Look for in a New Generator

    Planning ahead by installing a home generator in Dublin can help keep you comfortable and allow you to continue your normal activities when the power goes out . If you’re thinking about purchasing a home generator, then watch this video to learn a bit about your options.

    When it comes to generators, you can choose between portable and stationary varieties. Portable ones are less expensive, but stationary whole home generators, which are permanently installed by an electrician, offer added benefits. Stationary generators can be set to turn on automatically when your electrical power fails, and they can also be hooked up to large propane tanks so they can run for extended periods. Whether you choose portable or stationary, it’s important to select a generator that is strong enough to power all your essentials. Finally, all generators should be run outdoors and be positioned at least 15 feet from your home.

  • Shining a Light on the Benefits of Dimmer Switches

    Your home’s lighting sets the mood for your entire interior design. When you work with a team of electrical contractors to install new lighting throughout your home, you may want to consider including dimmer switches for certain fixtures. An electrician who offers quality wiring and security lighting in Columbus will be able to create a series of convenient dimmer switches to use around your home. To help you decide whether dimmer switches will be right for your space, here is a look at the benefits that are offered by these devices. dimmer - lights

    Create an Instant Mood

    When you install dimmer switches in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, you will be able to instantly create a cozy mood with a simple turn of the dial. These switches can be adjusted to your preferences, so you will be able to easily transition from bright overhead lighting to a softer look. Instead of lighting candles or turning on lamps, you can create the perfect lighting design with the adjustment of a single dimmer switch.

    Reveal Dining or Kitchen Areas

    Dimmer switches are also fabulous additions to the main entertaining areas of your home. When you are hosting a festive meal, you can use dimmer switches around your dining room to focus the light on your table area. In your kitchen, you can also use these switches to shed additional light on your counters and meal prep areas, without having to brightly illuminate the entire room.

    Save On Your Energy Bills

    With a new dimmer switch installation, you may also be able to save on your monthly energy bills. Turning your lights down low means they are using less electricity when they are in operation. To achieve the best energy efficiency from your new dimmer switch installation, you may want to also include LED lights in your new lighting design. For an in-depth tour of your dimmer switch options, be sure to get in touch with your local electrical contractors.

  • Questions to Ask Yourself When You Choose Outdoor Lighting

    The summer is a great time to hang out and enjoy your outdoor living space , and the right kind of electrical work in Dublin can make it even more comfortable. Before you call your electrician to have your outdoor lights installed, think about what kind of look you’re going for. Outdoor lighting can also make your home safer, and modern options can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Read ahead for a few questions to ask yourself when you choose outdoor lighting. outdoor - lighting

    Does it look good with my outdoor décor?

    Adding outdoor lighting is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. Everyone’s house looks a little different, and your home design should influence your lighting choice. When you decide that you should work with a licensed electrician to set up outdoor lighting, think about what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. There is a lot that you and your electrician can do with your new lighting system, and even different types of bulbs can contribute to a different aesthetic effect.

    Is my home safe?

    Your outdoor lighting can make a significant difference in terms of the aesthetics of your home, but that’s not all it can offer. When your electrical professional comes over to set you up with outdoor lighting, you can also look forward to a safer and more secure household. Lighting up your front porch, back deck, or driveway can make it easier to get to your car safely. Additionally, more light on your property means fewer hiding spots for potential criminals.

    Are my lights efficient enough?

    No matter why you ask your electrician to install new outdoor lights, you should make sure the lights you choose are efficient. Remember that LED lights can be much more efficient than incandescent bulbs or other similar options, which means you get to save money while protecting the environment. Ask your electrical professional what kind of outdoor lighting is best for your needs.

  • Shocking Facts About Electricity and Safety

    Electrical injuries send thousands of people to the emergency room every year. When you watch this video, you will learn some shocking facts about electricity and safety, as well as how to prevent electrical emergencies. Fatal accidents can occur when homeowners attempt to perform their own electrical repairs. With services from a residential electrician near Columbus, you can prevent electrical injuries at home.

    Your electrician will be able to provide you with many different types of electrical repair services throughout the home. By hiring a professional electrician to install your new wiring or fix broken outlets, you can veer clear of the perils that are associated with handling live electrical components.

  • Spotlight on Motion Sensors

    Along with providing you with electrical repairs, your electrical contractors serving Columbus can also install security lighting, motion sensors, and a variety of other home security devices. With services from your residential electrician , you will be able to create a home security system that provides you with total peace of mind, whether you are at home or away on vacation. Motion sensors are among the units that your electrician may offer for your residential property.

    There are a few uses for motion sensors around the home. When you connect motion sensors to your security lighting, you can set your system so that your lights automatically turn on when any movement is detected. For the ultimate in security, you may also want to consider connecting your motion sensors to a security alarm. Your electrician will work closely with you to help you determine the ideal placement and function of motion sensors around your home.

    motion - sensor - light

  • Brighten Up Your Outdoor Areas This Season with Exterior Lighting

    Whether you are concerned with safety, security, or aesthetics, your electrical contractor serving Dublin can help by installing exterior lighting for your property. The right kinds of electrical installations will light up your outdoor living space , allowing you to make the most of your property. This can lead to more late nights in the backyard enjoying the scenery and your family’s company, or it can be something nice to look at for neighbors and people walking by your house. Keep reading and see why you should brighten up your outdoor areas this season with exterior lighting.

    There is much to gain when your residential electrician comes over to install exterior lighting. Most obviously, it can accent the aesthetic nuances of your property. You can shine light on certain focal points or even outline your back porch. When you go for lights that use motion sensing technology to turn on and off, you can also keep your home’s energy bills in check. This motion sensing capability can also add extra security to your property, however, as it can reveal trespassers who might seek to break into your house. Feel free to be creative with your exterior lighting and enjoy all of the benefits.

    exterior - lighting

  • Top Reasons to Install a Whole Home Generator

    In many cases, a power outage can be a serious problem. A whole house generator in Dublin seeks to solve this problem by restoring your electrical services until your power comes back. This can be particularly helpful if you frequently suffer from power outages, and it can make life much more convenient. In some cases, power might be a matter of life or death, at which point a home generator becomes essential. Here are a few of the top reasons to install a whole home generator. whole - house - generator

    You Lose Power Often

    If you are accustomed to your home losing power, you might have a problem with your electrical wiring that you should have your professional electrician address. However, sometimes weather events and other extenuating circumstances make for frequent blackouts, and there is only so much you can do about this type of situation. If you want to make sure that you can keep your lights and appliances on when this happens, a whole home generator may be exactly what you need.

    Convenience is Important

    It may not be particularly difficult to get through a brief blackout unscathed, but power outages that last for extended periods of time can be tough. A whole home generator will allow you to power your entire house for as long as it takes for the power to come back on. This means that the ice cream in your freezer won’t melt, you won’t have to miss your favorite TV shows, and candles won’t be your main source of light for hours or days at a time.

    Power is Necessary

    As inconvenient as it can be for your electrical outlets to become unresponsive during a power outage, it can be fatal if you rely on certain kinds of medical equipment. If you or someone you live with uses medical equipment that needs electrical power in order to function, you should make sure you invest in a whole home generator as a safety precaution.