• Understanding Over-Fusing

    When it comes to home electrical wiring, proper installation is important for ensuring the safety of your family and home. For this reason, if you need wiring installation or electrical repair in Columbus , then you can benefit from hiring a professional electrician. Taking this step can help ensure that the job will be done correctly and safely.

    Faulty electrical installation can cause a wide range of problems, and one of the most common dangers that electricians see as a result of improper wiring is over-fusing. This issue occurs when a breaker is too big, which prevents electricity from being safely carried because the breaker won’t trip when it’s overloaded. When this happens, the wires can overheat and possibly lead to an electrical fire. Correct wiring installation is critical for avoiding potentially dangerous problems like this. If you suspect that your circuit breaker has faulty wiring, then contact an electrician right away so that the issue can be evaluated and addressed.

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  • Labeling Your Breaker Box

    While many jobs having to do with home electrical wiring should be left to an electrician, tasks like replacing a ceiling fan or changing a light fixture are within the skill sets of many homeowners. Before tackling projects like these, you need to turn off the power to that part of your home. However, if your circuit breakers aren’t marked, then this can turn into a guessing game. Watch this video for tips on labeling you electrical box in Columbus.

    To distinguish one circuit breaker from another, plug in a radio in your living room and turn it up loud enough to hear from your electrical box. Then, switch the breakers until the radio turns off, which will tell you which switch corresponds to the living room’s electrical outlets. Through this method, you can easily label your breaker box.

  • Make Your Home More Secure with Outdoor Lighting

    If you’re concerned that your home isn’t as safe as it could be, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you have adequate outdoor lighting. Good security lighting can make a major difference for the safety of your property. If you’re interested in making the investment in outdoor lighting, talk to an electrical installation service in Columbus, Ohio. Here are some of the most important reasons why you might want to consider installing outdoor lighting. outdoor - lighting

    It discourages intruders. As a rule, burglars try to steer clear of situations where they might be seen. If your property is equipped with motion-activated lights or another outdoor lighting setup, it’s likely to deter a lot of would-be property thieves. This can provide you with invaluable peace of mind; plenty of homeowners simply feel safer with outdoor lighting.

    It keeps away stray animals. Your property may attract a lot of wandering animals at night, from feral cats to raccoons. These animals can easily get into your garbage cans, knock over your outdoor furniture, dig into your garden, and leave a mess behind. Outdoor lights will make these pests less likely to wander into your yard.

    It reduces your risk of accidents. Outdoor lighting doesn’t just keep your property safe from intruders—it also helps to protect you and your family from taking dangerous spills. If you need to step outside at night, having outdoor lighting will prevent you from tripping over a rake or slipping on an unseen puddle.

    It’s cost-effective. You might be concerned about the cost of outdoor lights, but there’s no need to worry. You can use timers or motion sensors to ensure that your lights only go on when they need to, so you won’t be needlessly using energy. Using LED bulbs and other energy-efficient lighting methods can also help to keep your electricity use down.

  • House Surge Protection 101

    If you have a large number of expensive appliances and electronics located inside of your home, you should consider having a licensed electrician install a whole house surge protection system for you. Watch this video to see how electrical contractors near Columbus can help keep your prized possessions safe with these systems.

    A large electrical surge can do a lot of damage to your appliances and electronics if they aren’t plugged into surge protectors. Additionally, there are some surge protectors that are better than others, so even if you have them hooked up, your surge protectors might not be able to prevent damage to all of your appliances and electronics. By asking an electrician to install a surge protection system on the outside of your home, you can stop surges from entering your house in the first place and avoid having to make a costly electrical repair in the future.

  • Preparing Your Electrical System for the Holidays

    Winter is just around the corner, and that means the holidays will be here before you know it. Although it’s important that you start thinking about the gifts you’ll buy for your loved ones and the side dishes you’ll bring to holiday parties, it’s crucial that you not overlook your home’s electrical system before the holiday season is in full swing. Between the bright lights and the number of guests you’ll be entertaining through the holidays, this time of the year can put a tremendous strain on your home’s electrical system. In fact, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for residential electricians in Columbus . Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do. electrician in columbus, oh

    Install a Surge Protection Device
    Power surges are most typically caused by lightning strikes and heavy loads in the grid, but they can also be local events originating in your own home. Electronics and appliances cycling on and off already puts your electrical system at risk of a surge, but matters are made even worse when your home’s electrical system is under additional strain from Christmas lights and other plug-in decorations. That’s why homeowner’s should have a whole-house surge protection device installed by an electrician in Columbus.

    Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets
    If you live in an older home that has two-pronged electrical outlets, contact an electrical service company about upgrading your outlets. The older style outlets are not sufficiently grounded, which means they do not offer adequate protection against shocks and electrocution. You may also benefit by having an electrician install additional outlets around your home to cut back on the number of extension cords and power strips you have to use during the holidays.

    Schedule an Electrical Inspection
    The holidays can be stressful enough without having to deal with an electrical problem. To help prevent such a problem from occurring in the first place, schedule an electrical inspection with a certified residential electrician. This inspection will reveal any problems or areas of concern within your home’s electrical system that might otherwise throw a wrench in your holiday plans.

  • Benefits of Whole House Surge Protectors

    A power surge happens faster than the time it takes to blink your eyes, but in that millisecond the spike in electricity can have big consequences. The Insurance Information Institute puts insurance claims from power surges in the same category as damage from lighting strikes, and together they resulted in more than $6 billion in losses between 2004 and 2011. Fortunately, there’s an inexpensive way to protect yourself from surges and spikes resulting from lighting strikes, downed power lines, or cycling appliances. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a whole-home surge protector, then contact an electrical contractor in Columbus to have one installed in your home today. surge protection in columbus, oh

    Protects Expensive Electronics
    Electronics and appliances are sitting ducks for power surges generated by lightning strikes and spikes in the grid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much of a power surge to destroy sensitive (and expensive) electronic devices and appliances. A professionally installed whole-house surge protection device can protect your most expensive belongings from electrical damage. And trust us, the cost to have an electrician install a surge protector is a lot less than the cost to buy a new television, computer, or next-gen gaming system.

    Saves Money on Electrical Repair
    Spikes and surges in the grid can also take a toll on your home’s electrical system. Depending on the strength and duration of the spike, a power surge may blow your service panel or even cause damage to the electrical wiring inside your walls. A whole-house surge protection device can help you avoid needing electrical repairs due to power surge damage.

    Helps Keep the Lights On
    Although it’s rare for power surges to cause power outages, large enough surges in the grid can certainly be strong enough to leave your home in the dark. A professionally installed whole-home surge protection device will serve as a first line of defense against power outages resulting from powerful spikes and surges in the electrical delivery service.