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Are you tired of unfulfilled promises and searching for a great career? Converse Electric is currently hiring electricians to join our team. We are searching for the best of the best, so we can grow to the next level together. Fill out our Rapid Application below to take the first step toward a satisfying career. It only takes 30 seconds! Shocking, we know.

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Current Openings

There’s so much room to grow and evolve at Converse Electric! You don’t have to follow a strictly linear path. You take a journey that makes sense for you. Not sure which position is the right fit? Check out the different roles we offer.


No experience necessary, interested in starting career in electrical field.


Just starting out on your electrician journey (or a few years in).


Goal-oriented and ready to make a greater impact on job sites.

Project Manager

Own the complete life cycle of major projects and drive the process from start to finish.

Are You a Perfect Fit?

In addition to the openings listed above, you can take on a role in pre-fab, construction, service and more.
Not sure if a career at Converse Electric is right for you? Learn more about what makes Converse Electric the perfect fit.

The Converse Culture

Electricity may have become a commodity, but you’ll never be one when you work at Converse Electric. Here, you are valued as an integral part of our family. Can you see your career here? Learn more about our culture at Converse Electric and see if we’re the right fit.

Training Opportunities

The apprenticeship program at Converse Electric is perfect for those just getting started in their electrician career. Additionally, we provide continuing education for all team members annually. Staying at the forefront of industry trends, like pre-fab construction, is one of the many things that makes Converse Electric a step ahead of the rest.

Learn more about our training opportunities and see why Converse Electric offers more than jobs — we offer careers.

Converse Electric technicians working in large electric box