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At Converse Electric, we believe that work is more than just a job. It’s your career and a big part of your life. It should be electrifying!

As a new hire, you’ll never be tossed into the field without support. That would be culture shock! Our job is to set people up for success. We’ll align you with a crew that matches your strengths, traits and skill set so you’ll be well on your way to a satisfying career.

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Get Paid While Getting Trained

Whether you’re in high school, trade school or perhaps lost at your current job, the fast track program at Converse Electric is perfect for those just getting started in their electrical career.

Most companies will on-board you in a few hours. That simply won’t set you up for success.

At Converse Electric, we will on-board your first 6 months in our pre-fab facility so you receive more personalized attention, with a direct, hands-on approach to start learning our trade. In addition to our proprietary, in-house apprenticeship program, we will also set you up with a crew that is matched to your skill set, personality traits, geography and more in order to create a dynamic team and an electrifying experience!

Converse College – Apprenticeship Program:


In the past we insisted that our employees go to an outsourced apprenticeship program to receive their training. This benefit has been paid 100% by the company, but at Converse Electric we challenged ourselves to raise the bar even higher, so we moved the apprenticeship program in house.

So, what does that mean for you…?

It means you will be trained in a dedicated training room and lab space at Converse Electric for Converse Electric apprentices only. You will be mentored by your Converse Electric colleagues, foreman, project managers, estimators, engineer and even our owner!

Our teachers are trained in and follow the NCCER curriculum, which is widely used throughout the country by merit shop contractors and is adopted by the state of Ohio. After passing the program and completing your OJT, you will become a certified journeyman in Ohio. This is only the beginning of your career at Converse Electric!

Converse College – Mission:

We have a belief that we will improve our community & our industry through enhanced levels of training, continuing education, and professionalism.

At Converse Electric we believe that your career development is an essential part of your growth both personally and professionally. 

We want you to set your goals both to achieve your daily responsibilities but also to attain your long-term dreams.

Other training opportunities we offer include:

  • OSHA
  • CPR/Safety
  • Medium Voltage
  • Fire Alarm
  • Continuing Education
  • NEC Code Classes
  • BX Field Leadership Excellence program
  • BX Rising Leaders Institute
  • BX Leadership Excellence program
  • Total Robotic Station-Trimble
  • Infrared camera-Fluke
  • Recording meter-Dent
  • Forklift, Boom, and Scissors lift training
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