Choosing a Generator for Winter

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Getting through the winter months without power can be tough, but a whole home generator in Columbus can help you make it through the season safely and comfortably. There are various kinds of home generators available, and it is important that you choose one that suits the needs of your household. Think about the appliances you use on a daily basis to decide whether a portable or stationary generator will be appropriate. Keep reading for a brief overview of choosing a generator for the winter months. whole home generator in columbus

Power Needs

A generator is designed to keep your electricity going in the event of a power outage, but it can only do so adequately if it is the right size. While you might be more selective in your use of appliances when working with a generator, it still helps to understand how much power you will need to get through the blackout. Think about the most important electrical appliances in your home. Your refrigerator will keep your food from spoiling, and you will also need an outlet for your cell phone or computer chargers. It also helps to have a few lights plugged in to avoid tripping and falling around the house. You may also be concerned about using heaters to keep your house warm. Determine how much power these appliances require and then look for an adequately sized generator.

Portable Generators

Many homeowners gravitate towards portable generators for the winter months. They tend to be easy to use, and they are also on the less expensive side. Many portable units require gasoline to run, so it helps to have a supply of fuel somewhere on your property. This type of generator should allow you to run a few of your necessary appliances and help you make it through the power outage in one piece.

Stationary Generators

Although portable generators are convenient, stationary generators tend to be a bit more reliable. If you or anyone in your family depends on medical equipment that requires electricity, a stationary generator will probably be your best bet. Whole home generators can keep a larger portion of your house powered, and they can also turn on automatically.