Does Your Home Have Electrical Problems?

Electrical issues can cause major damage to your home. Fortunately, your residential electrician near Columbus can solve these issues before they become serious problems. Read on to learn about a few common electrical problems, and be sure to call your electrician immediately if you suspect that your home may be in need of electrical repair. An electrician fixing bulb

Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from electrical outlets, switches, or inside your home’s walls is a serious warning sign of electrical problems that should not be ignored. This odor could be indicative of various electrical issues ranging from a wiring problem to an overload. If you observe this smoky or burning smell, turn off your power at the electrical panel and immediately call your electrician.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may not seem like a big deal, but they could indicate a greater problem within your home’s electrical system. If just one bulb is flickering, try replacing it to solve the problem. If this works, your problem was most likely a failing bulb. However, it is best to keep your eye on the light fixture that was having the issue to ensure that it does not have an underlying problem that is causing bulbs to fail. If your lights continue to flicker even after you have replaced bulbs, call your electrician. There are numerous other issues that can cause flickering lights such as loose wiring connections or faulty connections in your circuit breaker.

Light Switches and Electrical Outlets Malfunctioning

A light switch or electrical outlet that does not work properly is another sign of a potential electrical problem within your home. Loose wiring and connections often result in an interruption of power being distributed throughout your house. Similarly, never touch an electrical outlet that has fallen out of its socket in the wall; exposed wires and casing could give you a dangerous shock. If you have an outlet or switch that has stopped working, only works occasionally, or has fallen out of the wall, have your electrician out to get to the root of the problem.