Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

When decorating your home for the holidays, you might be tempted to cut corners and take risks with your electrical outlets and plugs for the sake of making your house look beautiful. You should resist the urge to do this because, if you’re not careful, you could run into serious electrical problems. Before you start decorating, you should inspect all of your decorations’ electrical plugs near Columbus to make sure they are in good working order. You should also follow these helpful tips. electrical safety sign

Do Not Plug Too Many Decorations into Your Electrical Outlets

If you have a lot of decorations outside of your home, you are going to need somewhere to plug all of them in. While it might be convenient to pick one of your electrical outlets to plug all of your decorations in, it can also be extremely dangerous. By overloading a single outlet with multiple electrical plugs, you will increase the chances of a fire taking place. You should only plug one high-wattage decoration into each of your electrical outlets.

Use Outdoor Extension Cords When Decorating the Exterior of Your Home

Using extension cords to set up decorations in your front yard is OK, provided you use extension cords that are specifically labeled for outdoor use . These types of extension cords will not malfunction if they get wet and will not shock you. Regular extension cords, on the other hand, may present you with problems if you attempt to use them outdoors. For added protection, you should use electrical tape to seal any plugs outside to further reduce the risk associated with using outdoor extension cords.

Make Sure Your Holiday Lights Contain Certification Labels

Using holiday lights that are not certified by a laboratory like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) can be extremely dangerous. Often times, homeowners will purchase cheap lighting options to save money, but these types of lights aren’t always certified and are therefore not always safe. You want to make sure you are using certified lights that are sold by retailers you trust.