Features to Look for in a Generator

Converse Electric technician working on a residential electric box

Whole home generators can keep your house safe and functional when the power goes out. If you’re dealing with electric repair in Columbus , you may be wondering what features to look for in a new generator. This home generator guide can help you get started.


Backup Start

Today, many generators have an electric start, and if the battery requires a recharge, you may be stuck without power. When choosing a new home generator, look for models that feature a backup pull cord so you can get it running even if the battery is dead.

Manual Fuel Shutoff

To prevent fuel from leaking and getting trapped in the fuel system, some generators include a fuel shutoff switch. To make use of the switch, operators should run the generator until it depletes the gas left in the system and stalls, which will minimize the fuel left behind in the carburetor.

Low Oil Shutoff and Indicator

When using a generator to fuel your home, it can be easy to lose track of how long it’s been running. If you fail to turn off the machine before it runs out of oil, you’ll soon find yourself shopping for another new generator. To prevent this, select a generator that features both an indicator light to signal when the oil is getting low, and an automatic shutoff to avoid destroying the engine in case you fail to refill the oil in time.

Fuel Gauge

The average generator only holds enough fuel to power a home for a day or even less. To keep your unit running continuously, it’s vital to choose one that comes with a fuel gauge so you can keep track of the gas level and fill it up as needed.

Portable Design

This may sound obvious, but not all generators come with portability features, such as wheels, included in their retail price. When shopping, be sure to learn what features are included with the generator and test out its portability by moving it through the store, if possible.