Lighting That’s the Prime Fixture in Your Space

Interior lighting is one of the most important design elements in your home. At Converse Electric, we think of you as family, and we want your home to be electrically safe. By having different types of lighting in each room, you can set a specific mood throughout your home. When you work with us, we can install ceiling lighting in a multitude of styles — from sleek chrome and steel fixtures to period-specific antiques. 

We focus on three different types of lighting to beautify your home’s accents:

Well lite family room

Ambient lighting: 

It’s used to fill a room with bright light, or a warm glow. 

Hanging lights over a table

Task lighting: 

 Do you need to focus light on a specific area of your home? Task lighting can achieve that.

Artwork well lite on living room wall

Accent lighting: 

If you want to highlight a piece of art or an architectural feature to make it stand out, your best choice is an accent light.

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Keep your home safer at night

Outdoor lighting enhances the curb appeal of your property while keeping your home safer at night. During much of the year, Ohio experiences long nighttime hours and frequently gray skies, highlighting the need for top-quality outdoor residential lighting. Converse Electric offers landscape lighting, lighting control and residential electrical system repair across central Ohio.

View of front of house at dusk with outdoor lights on

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Every 15.4 seconds, a home is burglarized in the United States. An effective outdoor lighting plan not only makes your property safer for you to access at night, it can prevent vandalism, break-ins and other safety concerns. Exterior security lighting is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways you can make your Columbus home safer.

  1. Because burglars and vandals don’t want to be seen, they are more likely to pass up a house with good security lighting than try their luck.
  2. Slips and falls are more common at night, when it can be difficult or even impossible to see your path. Adequate outdoor lighting will provide clear illumination when you must go outside, preventing missteps and other accidents.
  3. Motion-activated security lighting provides instantaneous light whenever motion is detected outside your home. These lights can alert you to the presence of animals, family members or intruders, whether you are inside or outside your home.

If you’re concerned about the ongoing cost of lighting your home’s exterior, there are many options your electrician can offer to reduce the amount of power consumed.

  • Motion-activated lights provide light only when motion is present. A motion sensor will automatically activate the lights you need only while you need them, then turn off the lights to conserve energy when you leave.
  • Timers are a great way to specify exactly how long you want to use your outdoor lights. When you use a timer, you won’t need to remember to turn your lighting on or worry about forgetting to turn the lights off when they are no longer needed.
  • Outdoor lighting is available with power-saving bulb options, including LEDs, which use less electricity and far outlast traditional bulbs. Integrating these lighting options into your home’s exterior and landscape lighting can help you save money, lower your home’s power usage and reduce the amount of waste going into local landfills.

The qualified electricians at Converse Electric are here to help you design the perfect outdoor residential lighting system for safety, security, convenience and energy savings. Our team will help you consider:

  • What needs to be done to protect your outdoor lighting from the elements
  • How you can use outdoor lighting to enhance your home
  • How outdoor spaces can become usable after dark by installing specific forms of lighting

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