We’re Ready to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Needs

Have you been considering updating the lighting in your house? Do you find yourself needing more electrical outlets throughout your home and garage? Our skilled and experienced team of electricians can help with many home improvement projects. With 60 years of experience in central Ohio, you can count on us to complete your electrical job quickly, affordably and efficiently. We think of you as family, and we pride ourselves in offering our customers electrical assurance that is on time every time, guaranteed.

We can assist with the following types of home improvement projects:

Thermostat on wall

Dimmer switches/lighting control: 

Want to turn your interior lights on remotely? Let Converse Electric install a lighting control system that will allow you to turn on or dim your interior lights from anywhere. Whether you’re on vacation and you want to make it look like someone is home, or you wish to come home to a lit house after work, we can help.

Electric car plugin panel

Additional garage outlets: 

If you find yourself needing more outlets in your garage, we can help! From on-time scheduling to coordinating with other contractors in the event of a remodel project, we can do the work that is needed to make you happy with your new additional garage outlets!

Brushed nickel ceiling fan with mahogany blades

Ceiling fans: 

From upgrading your current ceiling fan to installing a new ceiling fan, we can help make your home look and feel nicer. Our team can install new, energy-efficient fans so you can also lower your electricity bill.

Lighted walkway at dusk

Home repairs and upgrades: 

We can repair or upgrade various electrical items, including light fixtures, ceiling fans, hot tubs, landscape lighting and more.

Do you have a home electrical need? 
Let Converse Electric shed light on your home’s exterior.