Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated?

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If you live in an older home, you may benefit from a new electrical box in Dublin. Outdated electrical panels can pose a fire hazard. Also, they often lack in safety features and require more maintenance compared to newer ones. There are a few ways to determine if it’s time to replace your electrical box.


Consider the Panel Size

Homes that were built in the 60s or earlier sometimes have panels that are equipped to handle only a fraction of the power that’s required by today’s average household. If your electrical panel is too small to deal with the amount of power your home uses, it can be dangerous to continue using it. If you notice that fuses frequently blow or your circuit breakers trip often, call an electrical contractor to inspect your electrical box.

Look at the Panel Brand

There are older panel brands to be aware of that are susceptible to malfunction and should be replaced.

  • Federal Pacific Electric manufactured many of the electric panels installed from the 50s up through the 80s. It was eventually found that these panels failed to trip even at significantly higher rates than standard panels and failed to provide safety for homes and families. Faulty wiring and manufacturing defects were responsible for their malfunction. If your electrical box brand is made by Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), speak to an electrician about a replacement.
  • Zinsco is another brand to be aware of, as their panels are also prone to malfunction. Zinsco electrical panels do not meet today’s electrical codes, and they were also made with design flaws. Many experts recommend replacing this brand of panel.

Think About the Panel Style

Before the development of panel boxes, electrical panels were manufactured as fuse boxes. These were designed to pop the fuse during instances of a short circuit or overcurrent. Once the fuse popped, it would need to be replaced. This led people to create dangerous workarounds and shortcuts to avoid destroying their fuses. In many cases, these older fuse box panels should be replaced with updated electrical panels.