The Importance of Direct Bonding

In many cases, direct bonding isn’t just important, it’s necessary; if you have standard corrugated stainless steel tubing for your gas piping system, you’ll need to use direct bonding . Your electrical contractor serving Columbus can ensure that your gas systems are kept functioning with direct bonding, and this will also keep your home up to code. Be sure to work with your professional, licensed electrician when dealing with direct bonding or handling your home electrical wiring, as doing it yourself can be dangerous for you and your electrical wiring. Please take a look ahead to learn all about the importance of direct bonding.

Even when your gas equipment is not electrically powered, you will still need direct bonding if it uses yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing. The rules are relatively particular when it comes to direct bonding, and following them will keep your building up to code and its inhabitants safe. There are a few acceptable connections for your piping, including the grounding electrode conductor and the grounded conductor at the electrical service. Direct bonding will help to ground electricity, which is a crucial safety feature. Grounding electricity keeps it from zapping your system or even a family member.

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