Tips for Designing Your Landscape Lighting

Landscape design is obviously about the trees, plants, and flowers, but it’s also about the outdoor lighting. The right landscape lighting can completely transform your landscape design when the sun goes down. Not only does landscape lighting serve an important aesthetic function, but it also improves the safety and usability of your outdoor living space at night. Here are some professional tips for designing your landscape lighting. Just remember to hire a certified electrician in Columbus to run the wiring for your new outdoor lighting design. Tips for Designing Your Landscape Lighting Columbus

Identify Major Focal Points
The right outdoor lighting design allows you to draw attention to some of the most important elements of your landscape. Big, beautiful trees look dramatic when lit from below, and water features look magical in the right lighting. Identify which focal points are most important to the look and feel of your landscape and incorporate them in your landscape lighting design.

Create Layered Lighting
If you’ve ever created an interior lighting design, you already know one of the main aspects of landscape lighting: Working with layers. Using both broad and focused beams will create atmosphere, depth, and visual interest that flat lighting cannot. There are three main ways to aim lights to get a particular result. Downlighting creates diffuse, gentle light; uplighting adds drama with bold shadows and strong effects; and crosslighting eliminates shadows by lighting a focal point from both sides. Whatever combination of lighting you wish to use, your Columbus electrical contractor can install the light fixture wiring you need.

Think About Safety and Functionality
Landscape lighting can create breathtaking views, but it can also improve the functionality of your outdoor space and improve the safety and security of your home. In terms of functionality, illuminate pathways and areas where people gather, such as patios, cabanas, and fire pits. For safety’s sake, light up dark corners near your home and have your electrician run wiring for motion-activated flood lights near entry points.