Troubleshooting Home Electrical Problems

If you experience a power supply issue in your home, you should perform a bit of troubleshooting to determine the extent of the electrical issue. Most troubleshooting can be performed with a voltage detector. Simply place the voltage detector into the light fixture or outlet in question and check to see whether or not you have power. If you are experiencing problems with outlets around the exterior of your home or inside you garage, find the main GFCI outlet and reset the switch to see if that solves your problem. Watch this video for more tips on home electrical troubleshooting.

Whatever electrical problems you are experiencing, don’t attempt any repairs yourself. Electrical work can be dangerous without the right tools and training. No matter how big or small your electrical problem is, contact your Columbus electrical contractor for light fixture wiring, service panel upgrades, and more. Your electrician can even troubleshoot your electrical problems if you don’t know where to start.