What to Consider When Selecting a Whole Home Generator

Rather than waiting for the next electrical outage to affect your area, you may want to prepare for the unexpected by investing in a whole house generator. When you purchase a whole home generator from a team of electrical contractors serving Columbus , you will have the capabilities that are needed to power all of the various fixtures and appliances that are located throughout your house. Your electrician will be thrilled to provide you with additional information about the benefits of a generator installation. Let’s take a closer look at some important factors to consider when you are selecting a whole home generator. whole - home - generator

Noise Level

The last issue that you will want to have to deal with when you turn your generator on is a noisy motor. While some generators are highly audible to the human ear, others are designed to be especially quiet and efficient. If possible, you may want to review the noise levels of different generators in person before you decide on which model that you want to purchase.


Your generator needs to be able to power all of your most important household appliances in the event of an electrical emergency. As you are shopping for a generator for your home, it is a good idea to consider what sizing will be appropriate for your needs. The right generator will offer enough power to run your lighting, heating, and cooking appliances, but will not overload your circuits with too much electricity.

Fuel Source

Fuel source is another essential factor to keep in mind when you are picking out a generator for your home. Your generator can typically be powered using diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas. To select the appropriate fuel source for your generator, you will need to determine the current fueling situation on your property. Homes that have natural gas lines are great candidates for gas-powered generators. If you do not already have natural gas, you may want to purchase a diesel or propane unit.