A Look at Some Common Electrical Problems

Most homeowners and landlords in Columbus have had to deal with an emergency electrical problem at some time. Beyond tripped breakers and blackouts, however, there are many issues that can arise with a home’s electricity and wiring. Though some may not seem to be of immediate concern, all electrical problems are potentially serious because they can pose a fire hazard. Call an electrician immediately if your residential property has any of the following problems: A Look at Some Common Electrical Problems Columbus

Recurring Breaker Trips
Every once in a while, you may trip a breaker when you are running many appliances on one current. This should not happen very frequently—once every few months, at most. If you trip a breaker once a week or more often, you should have a certified electrician check the circuit and the breaker box.

Intermittent Power
Sometimes you may find that an outlet seems to go dead, only to work perfectly fine a few hours or days later, and then go dead again. While this may only seem mildly annoying, it could actually be a sign of a very serious problem such as loose or frayed wiring. Even if the issue is limited to one outlet or receptacle, it could easily cause an electrical fire if left untended.

Flickering Bulbs
A light bulb may flicker when it’s nearing the end of its life, but when a brand new light bulb flickers, this is a sign of a different problem. The lighting fixture may be improperly wired, or again the problem might be in the circuit or the home’s wiring.

Backup Generator Failure
If your home is equipped with a backup generator, you should be able to activate it immediately after a blackout. Certain standby models are even designed to activate automatically in the event of a utility surge or outage. If you can’t get your generator working, don’t simply forget about this problem once the blackout is over—schedule an appointment with an electrician to make sure that it is working properly and not posing a fire hazard in your home.