Home Lighting Design Tips

Artwork well lite on living room wall

Landscape lighting in Columbus is almost as essential as indoor lighting. If your residential property has a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen and you want to enjoy it once the days start growing shorter, have an electrician install lighting for your outdoor space.

For both indoor and outdoor spaces, proper lighting control is essential. Consult with your electrical contractor to see whether switches or dimmers are most appropriate. Generally, functional lighting or task lighting should be on simple on/off switches for easy use. Ambient lighting or mood lighting can be on dimmer switches for finer control. Also, use plain white bulbs for functional lighting or task lighting. You can use colored lights for mood lighting both indoors and outdoors, but do so sparingly to avoid any unpleasant or harsh effects.

If you want to install new fixtures or completely rewire any space on your property, make sure to hire a qualified electrician do all the work to ensure that it’s safe and up to code.

Home Lighting Design Tips Columbus