Get The Facts About Our Assurance Checklist

Are you looking for a residential electrician in Dublin to check your home’s electrical wiring? If so, then consider working with Converse Electric, a third-generation, family-owned electrical services provider offering everything from home electrical upgrades to emergency assistance.

When you choose us for your residential electrical needs, one of our technicians will perform a comprehensive Assurance Checklist for your home’s electrical system. Read on to get the facts about this diagnostic service.

It’s Complimentary

When you call Converse Electric for help with your home’s electrical issues, we charge a standard rate of $89.95 for one of our electrical contractors to travel to your residence, evaluate the problem, and determine the best solution. This means that instead of worrying about being charged by the hour, you know from the start how much to expect to pay for a service visit.

Additionally, with your permission, the technician will use our Assurance Checklist to perform a complimentary evaluation of your electrical system.

It’s Comprehensive

Converse Electric’s Assurance Checklist provides our technicians with a way to offer customers a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of their home’s entire electrical system.

While performing this assessment, the technician will inspect the following:

  • Doorbell operation
  • Smoke detector operation
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection
  • Accessible electrical outlet voltage, polarity, and grounding
  • Switch operation
  • C.S.S.T. bonding
  • Outside electrical service riser, hubs, and entrance
  • Surge protection operation
  • Grounding system components
  • Outdoor lighting condition
  • Electrical panel breakers, wire size, and condition

It’s Precise

When a Converse Electric technician conducts one of our complimentary evaluations of your home’s electrical system, you can look forward to receiving a full assessment of what electrical repairs, upgrades, or changes may be right for your home.

Also, the technician will refer to our Client Assurance Pricing Guide to provide you with an accurate quote for any recommended services. This, combined with the fact that we don’t charge by the hour, means that you don’t need to be concerned about unexpectedly high service bills when you choose Converse Electric.