Why You should Choose Us for Your School’s Lab Renovation

Converse Electric has been providing quality electrical services for the Greater Columbus area since 1960, and our family-owned company offers a wide variety of commercial services ranging from electrical panel installation to data center maintenance. If you need new electrical wiring near Columbus because you’re planning a renovation of one of your school’s labs, then there are several reasons why you should entrust the electricians at Converse Electric with this job.

The team at Converse Electric is experienced in performing a broad range of electrical projects for commercial locations, including providing a variety of electrical solutions for educational institutions. Whether you need a lab renovation for an elementary school, high school, university, or other type of educational facility, we can perform the electrical installation for new additions, as well as provide electrical upgrades for outdated or damaged wiring. For these reasons, you should consider working with Converse Electric for your upcoming lab renovation project.