Resetting a Tripped Breaker

A tripped electrical breaker can come as a surprise, but it might not indicate a serious problem with your home electrical wiring. Your breaker protects overloaded electrical outlets from causing damage to the home and your appliances, and you can often reset a tripped breaker without the help of your electrical contractor . Watch this video to learn how you can reset a tripped breaker without calling an electrician.

The process of resetting a tripped breaker is typically quite simple, but the procedure depends on your situation. If you have lost power in an entire house, room, or wall, take a look at your electrical box. Find the breaker that isn’t quite fully on and turn it off. Then you can turn it back on and try your appliances again. If you only lose power to one outlet, unplug your appliances and press the reset button that sticks out from the GFCI outlet; then plug your electrical cords back in.