What Size Generator Do You Need?

When you suffer a power outage due to warm weather, a summertime storm, or any other event that compromises your electricity, make sure you’re prepared with whole home generators in Dublin. Whether you choose a whole home generator or a portable model, this type of electrical equipment will help you get back up and running when the power goes out. When you start looking for a new generator, you should understand what a given unit’s size has to do with its functionality and efficiency. You should also think about what types of appliances you are most concerned with powering as well as the noise level you can handle from your generator. Read on for help in determining what size generator you need.


Understanding the Importance of Size

The size of a generator is directly linked to the capacity it has to provide power. A large generator is one that has a substantial power output, while a small generator will not contribute as much. Whole home generators tend to be on the large side, while portable generators may be smaller and more compact but come with a smaller capacity. If you know how much power you need, you’re one step closer to choosing the right type of generator.

Determining What You Need to Power

If you are unsure exactly how much power you will need, think about how you plan to use your home generator. A smaller sized generator could do the trick if you only need to power a few small appliances, but a larger one will be necessary if you are interested in keeping your entire home powered during a blackout. You can always talk to your generator professional if you need help finding out how much power is required for your specific needs.

Considering the Noise Level

Depending on where you plan to use your generator and what you hope to use it for, noise may be an issue. You can expect a small portable generator to be relatively quiet, but a large generator could be noisy. This is especially important if you have trouble sleeping.