Should You Purchase a Generator?

To many residents of Columbus and the surrounding areas, a residential electrical backup generator might seem like a luxury item. These days, however, people rely on electronic devices more than ever to work and to communicate, so it is wise to have an electrician install a generator in your home. Blackouts can occur at any time, and you will find that being prepared saves you a lot of trouble. Consider hiring an electrical contractor to install a generator in your home if: Should You Purchase a Generator? Columbus

You Telecommute or Work from Home
If you are part of the growing workforce segment that works from home or telecommutes to a job in another city, you definitely want to install a backup generator in your home. Many telecommuters use desktop computers, but even if you have a laptop with a new and efficient battery, the charge likely won’t last even a full workday. A backup generator in your home can allow you to work even if there is a prolonged electrical outage in your area, especially if you can turn your cell phone into a personal WiFi hotspot.

You Live In an Unincorporated Area
If you live in a brand-new home in a newly built subdivision, you may live in an unincorporated area. Unincorporated areas are not officially governed by any city or municipal government, and are often at the edge of utility service areas. In the event of larger blackouts or service interruptions, these areas may be the last to have service restored. A home generator can ensure that you have power while you are waiting for the electric contractors from the utility company to get your power back on.

You Have Sensitive Items or Equipment
If you run certain types of business from home, a power outage can be more than a simple inconvenience. If you make and sell any kind of foodstuff, for example, you need to ensure that you can keep your products adequately refrigerated. If you are a photographer, a software designer, or work in any sort of digital media and you have your own servers or other expensive, sophisticated computer equipment, a standby generator can prevent power surges from ruining these items.