What Is a Diagnostic Checklist?

A diagnostic checklist is a worksheet that outlines routine maintenance services or items that will need to be serviced in your home. The checklist is usually formatted as a spreadsheet, with multiple columns detailing the services or parts in question, what actions need to be done, and two checkboxes corresponding to each row labeled “pass” or “fail.” Using a diagnostic checklist for your home will allow you and your certified electrician serving Columbus to evaluate the condition of your residential electrical system.

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance needs will ensure structural longevity and, most importantly, your own safety. For example, your home’s lighting is essential in making a home comfortable—and that extends beyond the lighting within your house. When the season changes to fall and winter in Ohio, it tends to be dark and gloomy out. Utilizing a diagnostic checklist earlier in the year, you and your local electrician will be able to access the state of your outdoor fixtures, making sure that your motion sensors and security lighting are in full working order.

What Is a Diagnostic Checklist? Columbus