Where to Place Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

Having adequate lighting outside of your home can help keep your family and property safe, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy once the sun goes down. Are you thinking about calling an electrician to install landscape or security lighting in Dublin ? If so, then read on to learn some of the best places to install outdoor lighting around your home. Outdoor - Lighting


If you’re hoping to improve the safety and appearance of your property by installing landscape lighting, then you should start by considering any areas where people typically walk. Driveways, steps, and walkways can all benefit from lighting, as well as any landscape features that you would like to enjoy at night, such as ponds, fountains, planters, trees, or sculptures.

Outdoor Features

If there are any outdoor areas where you spend time with your family or choose to entertain guests, then these are prime candidates of outdoor lighting. By properly illuminating porches, separate patios, fire pits, and similar areas, people can enjoy these features with greater safety and ease.


One of the most important areas of your home in which to install security lighting is near your garage. Both detached and attached garages are prime targets for theft and, if you store sports equipment, tools, and similar items in your garage, then it makes sense to install lighting in this location. Also, keep in mind that the electrician should always install security lighting with the light pointing away from your home, so you can see what’s going on outside without light glaring into your eyes.

Property Entry Points

The key to getting the most benefit from your motion-activated security lighting is to get light on any intruders as soon as possible. To do this, aim to have lighting installed at each entry point to your property, such as at the end of your driveway or over a back gate that leads to an alleyway. Additionally, installing lighting at the front and back doors to your home is a smart idea.