Beneficial Locations for Home Security Lighting

Security lighting can provide you with an important line of defense against burglars and other criminals. When you are working with your electrician to create a custom security lighting design for your home, you will want to make sure that your lights are placed in the most effective locations. A residential electrician near Columbus can install electrical outlets and security lights in the best possible places around the exterior of your home. With your new lights in place, you will have better peace of mind during the nighttime hours. Let’s take a look at three of the most beneficial locations for your home security lighting. security - lights

Back Door

If your home has a back entrance, you may want to install security lights above your door. Not only will security lights protect this vulnerable area of your home, but they will also provide safety and illumination if you choose to enter your home through the back way after dark. Ideally, the lights along your back door should be placed on a motion sensor system.

Side Yard

A potential burglar may be tempted to lurk in your home’s side yard. Your side yard may be particularly appealing if it is not visible from the street. When you are choosing locations for your security lights, you should definitely consider placing them along the side yard of your home. For additional safety and security, you may want to place your side yard lights on a timer, which will cause them to turn on at a certain time each evening.

Blind Spots

Your security lights also need to illuminate any blind spots that may be located around your front or side yards. An experienced electrician can work with you to identify any areas that are not clearly visible or properly illuminated at night. Security lights may be beneficial, for example, if they are placed along your fencing or near a certain tree or shrub. After your security lights have been installed, your home will have an extra layer of defense against criminals.


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