• Does Your Hot Tub Need a Wiring Upgrade?

    Having the appropriate wiring for your hot tub isn’t just an issue of comfort—it’s also an essential safety step. To make sure your hot tub wiring passes the grade, you will need to work with experienced electricians in Columbus who are familiar with hot tub work and who are up to date on all of […]

  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Office’s Transformers and Distribution Panel

    In your office, having a sufficient amount of electrical power is essential. If you’re moving offices or have expanded your workforce, consider consulting with a licensed electrician in Columbus to make sure you have the kind of power you need. If your current system is pushed to the edge, you’ll reap several benefits from undergoing […]

  • Is Your Food Safe to Eat After a Power Outage?

    When you lose power and don’t have a home generator in Columbus , what should you do with the food in your refrigerator and freezer? The answer depends on the temperature of your fridge and freezer and how long the power was out. Watch this video to learn more about food safety after a power […]

  • FAQs About Emergency Electrical Services

    Electrical emergencies can be disruptive to your home and business. Fortunately, with the help of an emergency electrician, you can get back to normal quickly. If you experience an emergency with your electricity, here are some questions you may have about getting emergency electrical services in Columbus . What constitutes an electrical emergency? There are […]

  • Understanding Transformers

    Most electrical tasks should be left in the hands of licensed electricians . However, if you think you may need electrical repair near Dublin, then you might benefit from understanding more about how your home electrical wiring works. Watch this video for an introduction to one type of electrical system component called transformers. Transformers can […]

  • Keeping Your Outdoor Lighting in Top Condition This Winter

    Because your landscape and security lighting help keep you, your family, and your property safe, as well as add elegance and curb appeal to your home, maintaining them should be a priority. Read on to learn a few things that your residential technician in Columbus would want you to know about keeping your outdoor lighting […]

  • Get The Facts About Our Assurance Checklist

    Are you looking for a residential electrician in Dublin to check your home’s electrical wiring? If so, then consider working with Converse Electric, a third-generation, family-owned electrical services provider offering everything from home electrical upgrades to 24-hour emergency assistance. When you choose us for your residential electrical needs, one of our technicians will perform a […]

  • Why You should Choose Us for Your School’s Lab Renovation

    Converse Electric has been providing quality electrical services for the Greater Columbus area since 1960, and our family-owned company offers a wide variety of commercial services ranging from electrical panel installation to data center maintenance. If you need new electrical wiring near Columbus because you’re planning a renovation of one of your school’s labs, then […]

  • What Is a Single Bond Connection?

    Among the services that your residential electrician near Columbus can offer is the proper bonding and grounding of your home’s corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas system. Having a properly bonded and grounded CSST system is important because this may reduce the risk of damage and electrical fires caused by lightning strikes. Bonding is a […]

  • Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Consumption

    For many households, electricity costs account for a significant amount of their monthly bills. Considering this, it’s no surprise that some of the most common questions electrical contractors in Columbus hear from customers are about saving on energy. If you’re interested in spending less on your home’s electricity needs, then watch this video for some […]