• Does Your Hot Tub Need a Wiring Upgrade?

    Having the appropriate wiring for your hot tub isn’t just an issue of comfort—it’s also an essential safety step. To make sure your hot tub wiring passes the grade, you will need to work with experienced electricians in Columbus who are familiar with hot tub work and who are up to date on all of the current code requirements. Hot Tub Wiring in Columbus, OH

    The best way to know if your electrical wiring is right for your hot tub is to hire an electrician to perform an inspection. Between regular maintenance, keep an eye out for any signs of trouble. Consider calling an electrician if the GFCI trips when you turn on the hot tub, the tub no longer heats up completely, or buttons on the top either stop responding or seem to switch on by themselves. These symptoms can all indicate a problem with your electrical wiring that could be dangerous if left unrepaired.

  • Reasons to Upgrade Your Office’s Transformers and Distribution Panel

    In your office, having a sufficient amount of electrical power is essential. If you’re moving offices or have expanded your workforce, consider consulting with a licensed electrician in Columbus to make sure you have the kind of power you need. If your current system is pushed to the edge, you’ll reap several benefits from undergoing an upgrade. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider upgrading your office’s transformers and distribution panel.

    Avoid Downtime

    If your current electrical setup isn’t up to the demands of your workflow, then you will almost certainly face disruptive downtimes that interfere with the way you do business. Constant issues with blown fuses or slow power will not only slow down the way your employees work but can also create an unprofessional appearance for your customers. An experienced electrician can evaluate your space, usage, and current system to determine if you could benefit from making upgrades. Often, investing in these kinds of upgrades will pay off in increased productivity when your electrical network is stable.

    Increase Safety

    If you don’t have sufficient electrical power for your office, you could be putting your staff and your building at risk. By overloading the system, you run the risk of violating electrical code and starting a fire. You could also compromise the effectiveness of your alarm systems, which could further increase the safety risks for your company. By upgrading your system, you can meet all current code requirements and prevent unnecessary risks to your business.

    Lower Your Bills

    Upgrading your electrical system can help to make it more efficient. In turn, this could help you save costs on your energy bills. Let your trusted commercial electrician evaluate your needs and point out changes that could make your office more efficient. Investing in these upgrades now could lead to significant savings in your operating costs, which will reflect on your bottom line.

  • Is Your Food Safe to Eat After a Power Outage?

    When you lose power and don’t have a home generator in Columbus , what should you do with the food in your refrigerator and freezer? The answer depends on the temperature of your fridge and freezer and how long the power was out. Watch this video to learn more about food safety after a power outage.

    Food in your fridge should be discarded after four hours without power, while food in your freezer may last for longer. If you talk to a licensed electrician about installing a home generator before storms hit, you can rely on that backup power to keep your food safe, even if the electricity is out for an extended period of time.

  • FAQs About Emergency Electrical Services

    Electrical emergencies can be disruptive to your home and business. Fortunately, with the help of an emergency electrician, you can get back to normal quickly. If you experience an emergency with your electricity, here are some questions you may have about getting emergency electrical services in Columbus .

    Emergency Electrical Service

    What constitutes an electrical emergency?

    There are a number of different problems that can occur with your electrical systems that could require emergency services. Flickering lights and power outages could indicate that you need service immediately. Any time you notice smoking or sparking from your electrical outlets or panels, it’s essential to call an electrician for emergency repairs in order to avoid serious safety concerns. In some cases, you may have special circumstances that turn a routine electrical issue into one that needs urgent attention. For instance, if you suffer a power outage at home and rely on medical equipment that needs electrical power, emergency repairs could be essential.

    What services can be performed as part of emergency repairs?

    At Converse Electric, we offer all of our services in emergency situations. This includes all residential and commercial services, from bonding and grounding to generator installation and repair. Whether you need emergency repairs for power outages caused by breaker issues in your home or replacement of faulty outlets in your office, we’re ready to deliver service right away.

    What can I do to prevent electrical emergencies?

    Although an electrical emergency can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of one occurring. Investing in a whole-house generator means you will always have backup power should you need it. Having a licensed electrician perform regular maintenance at your home and office will also lower your risk of problems in the future. If you add an addition onto your home or office, let a licensed electrician ensure that all of your new wiring is done correctly to prevent power distribution issues.

  • Understanding Transformers

    Most electrical tasks should be left in the hands of licensed electricians . However, if you think you may need electrical repair near Dublin, then you might benefit from understanding more about how your home electrical wiring works. Watch this video for an introduction to one type of electrical system component called transformers.

    Transformers can be seen on the ground or at the top of utility poles, and their function is to increase or decrease electrical voltage before sending electricity on to its destination. This step is important because not all voltage levels are safe for residential or commercial use.

    Transformers first transform voltage to safer and more manageable levels at substations, and then again further along in the distribution system before feeding it into the wiring to your electrical outlets and appliances.

  • Keeping Your Outdoor Lighting in Top Condition This Winter

    Because your landscape and security lighting help keep you, your family, and your property safe, as well as add elegance and curb appeal to your home, maintaining them should be a priority. Read on to learn a few things that your residential technician in Columbus would want you to know about keeping your outdoor lighting in top condition during the winter months.

    Touch Up Your Landscaping

    Over the course of a year, it’s not uncommon for wiring and cables that were once covered by landscaping to rise to the surface. To help protect these cords from wear and reduce the number of trip hazards on your property, take a walk around your yard and cover up exposed cables by burying them with landscaping materials like mulch, sod, and gravel.

    Also, be sure to trim back any hedges, tree branches, or other types of growth that are growing too near to your outdoor light fixtures.

    Use the Right Outlets

    If you’re planning to decorate your home with holiday lighting this season, then using the right kind of outlet can be critical for both safety purposes and for maintaining your lights. To help prevent electrical fires, any outdoor lights that you use should be plugged into outlets that are protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

    For this reason, before you begin decorating, ensure that your outdoor outlets are all GFCI-protected by checking them for “test” and “reset” buttons. If your outdoor outlets look like normal ones, then contact an electrician about GFCI installation before you begin plugging in your holiday lights.

    Clean the Light Fixtures

    While any burnt-out bulbs should be replaced, of course, cleaning the surfaces of all the working bulbs that make up your outdoor lighting can help them shine with renewed vigor. Also, while you’re at it, consider brushing off dust and debris from the light fixtures, as well.

    Finally, if your outdoor lighting isn’t looking as impressive as you’d like by the end of this process, then consider hiring an electrician to install a few more fixtures around your property.

  • Get The Facts About Our Assurance Checklist

    Are you looking for a residential electrician in Dublin to check your home’s electrical wiring? If so, then consider working with Converse Electric, a third-generation, family-owned electrical services provider offering everything from home electrical upgrades to emergency assistance.

    When you choose us for your residential electrical needs, one of our technicians will perform a comprehensive Assurance Checklist for your home’s electrical system. Read on to get the facts about this diagnostic service.

    It’s Complimentary

    When you call Converse Electric for help with your home’s electrical issues, we charge a standard rate of $89.95 for one of our electrical contractors to travel to your residence, evaluate the problem, and determine the best solution. This means that instead of worrying about being charged by the hour, you know from the start how much to expect to pay for a service visit.

    Additionally, with your permission, the technician will use our Assurance Checklist to perform a complimentary evaluation of your electrical system.

    It’s Comprehensive

    Converse Electric’s Assurance Checklist provides our technicians with a way to offer customers a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of their home’s entire electrical system.

    While performing this assessment, the technician will inspect the following:

    • Doorbell operation
    • Smoke detector operation
    • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection
    • Accessible electrical outlet voltage, polarity, and grounding
    • Switch operation
    • C.S.S.T. bonding
    • Outside electrical service riser, hubs, and entrance
    • Surge protection operation
    • Grounding system components
    • Outdoor lighting condition
    • Electrical panel breakers, wire size, and condition

    It’s Precise

    When a Converse Electric technician conducts one of our complimentary evaluations of your home’s electrical system, you can look forward to receiving a full assessment of what electrical repairs, upgrades, or changes may be right for your home.

    Also, the technician will refer to our Client Assurance Pricing Guide to provide you with an accurate quote for any recommended services. This, combined with the fact that we don’t charge by the hour, means that you don’t need to be concerned about unexpectedly high service bills when you choose Converse Electric.

  • Why You should Choose Us for Your School’s Lab Renovation

    Converse Electric has been providing quality electrical services for the Greater Columbus area since 1960, and our family-owned company offers a wide variety of commercial services ranging from electrical panel installation to data center maintenance. If you need new electrical wiring near Columbus because you’re planning a renovation of one of your school’s labs, then there are several reasons why you should entrust the electricians at Converse Electric with this job.

    The team at Converse Electric is experienced in performing a broad range of electrical projects for commercial locations, including providing a variety of electrical solutions for educational institutions. Whether you need a lab renovation for an elementary school, high school, university, or other type of educational facility, we can perform the electrical installation for new additions, as well as provide electrical upgrades for outdated or damaged wiring. For these reasons, you should consider working with Converse Electric for your upcoming lab renovation project.

  • What Is a Single Bond Connection?

    Among the services that your residential electrician near Columbus can offer is the proper bonding and grounding of your home’s corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas system. Having a properly bonded and grounded CSST system is important because this may reduce the risk of damage and electrical fires caused by lightning strikes.

    Bonding is a practice that is typically used to reduce the risk of electrical shock for people, and in the case of a CSST system, it is used to both help prevent shock and protect the system from the dangerous electrical surges that can be caused by nearby lightning strikes. For single-family homes, a single bond connection is typically used for this purpose. In this way, a single bond connection can help reduce the risk of fire and gas leaks for your home. If you’re unsure whether your home has a CSST system or if it is properly grounded and bonded, then speak with an electrician to schedule an inspection for your home.

  • Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Consumption

    For many households, electricity costs account for a significant amount of their monthly bills. Considering this, it’s no surprise that some of the most common questions electrical contractors in Columbus hear from customers are about saving on energy. If you’re interested in spending less on your home’s electricity needs, then watch this video for some energy-saving tips.

    First, start by switching from incandescent light bulbs to more energy-efficient CFLs or LEDs. Second, keep your thermostat set slightly higher in the summer and a little cooler in the winter. Third, only run your dishwasher or clothes washer when you have full loads of dishes and laundry to clean. Fourth, unplug your chargers when they aren’t in use. Finally, remember to turn off the lights before leaving a room or the house.